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True Blood Season 2, Episode 8: 'Timebomb' Preview - Featured

Two sneak peeks are released in front of " True Blood " episode "Timebomb". The first one is clipped from the part where Sam is questioned and accused of Daphne's death. He was trying to tell Sheriff Bud and Officer Tanya that there is much larger conspiracy behind the death. In the second clip, Sookie is discovering something about Eric and his relationship to Godric. Seeing the vampire's attempt to rescue Godric from Fellowship of the Sun camp, Sookie detects some kind of "love" between them, which is the kind of bond between a vampire and his maker. Eric denies the love, saying "Don't use words I can't understand." This Sunday, August 9, Sookie's captivity takes an unexpected turn when Eric arrives at his master's behest. In Bon Temps, Sam finds himself in deep trouble after making a gruesome discovery at Merlotte's. Sent home by Bill, Jessica and Hoyt learn that when it comes to sex, every time is the first time. Tara and Eggs get physical after partaking in a "Hunter souffle" prepared by Maryann. After Jason pays off his debt to the vampires, Godric looks to enlighten his more single-minded followers. To Watch The Preview 1 Click here . To Watch The Preview 2 Click here . If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now Source Here

'True Blood' First Look: Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Ann! - Featured

When Evan Rachel Wood makes her True Blood debut in the August 30 episode, there will be... well, obviously, blood. Nobody's ever entirely happy to see her character, Louisiana's blood-sucker boss lady, Queen Sophie-Ann, says series creator Alan Ball. She's very powerful, capricious and most likely insane. Oooh, we love her already. So it's a good thing she has more than one secret agenda, he teases, which we will slowly become aware of over season 3. Source here

'True Blood' Stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin Engaged - Featured

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, who play on-screen lovers in hit TV series " True Blood ", are engaged. Representatives for both of them confirm the news to People, yet provide no further details. Meeting each other for the first time at an audition for the HBO vampire series, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin began dating soon thereafter. However, it wasn't until February this year that they went public with their romance. "The reason it was dodged last year was very intentional on both our parts," Moyer said at the time on why he and Paquin kept their romance low profile. "It was very important to me that the cast and crew we were working with didn't feel it was fickle, and didn't feel it could possibly potentially encroach on their lives, you know, just like, 'Oh the two stars are having a thing.' We didn't want to take anything away from the show." Read more. Top Ten: Gay TV Characters

Gay and lesbian roles have come out of the closet and onto the small screen. Here are's picks for the most realistic portrayals of LGBT life on today's TV schedule. In 1998, Will and Jack of NBC's hit comedy Will & Grace were some of the only gay people on TV -- and stereotypical ones at that. But their popularity helped pave the way for the more complex lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) roles we see on the small screen now. Even though the numbers are still small -- a recent study by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) found that only 2.6 percent of the characters on primetime broadcast shows are LGBT -- TV is (finally!) getting gayer by the day. Here are some of our LGBT favorites. 10. Gossip Girl (The CW) Character: Erik van der Woodsen In this bitchy, fashion-conscious drama for the young, female demographic, Gossip Girl's Eric van der Woodsen sticks out. Every girly girl wants a gay best friend, and Eric's sexual orientation rounds out the stereotype -- of young female divas, that is. The nature of the show means Eric is just an accessory to the girls, but we love him anyway. 9. True Blood (HBO) Character: Lafayette Reynolds Lafayette Reynolds is no diva -- he's a gay male prostitute who slings dope. Like the gay gangster Omar on HBO's The Wire, Reynolds challenges the stereotype that gay men are drama queens. 8. Raising the Bar (TNT) Character: Charlie Sagansky Charlie Sagansky, a gay law clerk on TNT's Raising the Bar, is so closeted about his sexual orientation that he has a relationship with a female judge. Though Sagansky isn't a major player on the show, his character adds complexity to the cast and reminds audiences that coming out isn't always easy. 7. Skins (BBC) Character: Maxxie Oliver Maxxie Oliver doesn't "deal with" being gay -- he's proud of who he is. But that doesn't mean he wasn't troubled when his best friend Anwar (played by Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel) initially had a hard time accepting his sexual orientation. 6. America's Next Top Model (The CW) Contestant: Ebony Haith An LGBT contestant from the first season of ANTM, Ebony challenged the idea that lesbians have a terrible sense of style. Any girl who doesn't want to dress butch and understands the difficulty of coming out can relate to her experience on the show. (Ebony's loft-mates condemned her because of her sexual orientation.) Of course, ANTM plays into the stereotype that all gay men are fashion-conscious (see: J. Alexander), but the inclusion of a gay contestant in the model house brought the issue to the forefront. 5. House (FOX) Character: Thirteen Thirteen, the only female member of Doctor House's diagnostic team, surprised viewers, her colleagues, and her boyfriend when she got down and dirty with a woman last season. The reveal of her bisexuality shocked many who'd simply assumed she was straight. 4. Entourage (HBO) Character: Lloyd Ari Gold would be lost without his trustworthy assistant Lloyd, a gay man Ari persistently mocks because of his sexual orientation. Despite his boss' insults, Lloyd knows Ari needs him, and Lloyd's grounded nature -- especially in Hollywood -- is an inspiration to all. 3. The L Word (SHO) Character: The whole damn cast Over the course of its five-year run, The L Word -- which received multiple nominations for GLAAD Media Awards -- featured a racy cast, countering the notion that lesbian couples are the least-sexed of all. The series (which ended in March) successfully explored same-sex relationships like Sex & the City explored heterosexual ones. 2. Mad Men (AMC) Character: Salvatore Romano Salvatore Romano is a closeted gay man working in a 1960s advertising agency, where masculinity means everything. Sal's fear of being discovered is so extreme that he goes to great lengths to hide his sexual orientation -- but who can blame him in such an intolerant environment? 1. Brothers and Sisters (ABC) Character: Kevin Walker Kevin Walker, the son of a supportive mother and the brother-in-law of Republican Senator Robert McCallister, struggles to accept his sexuality while facing judgement from some members of his family. Brothers & Sisters creator and writer Jon Robin Baitz, who is openly gay, does not shy away from the topic, and the show has been praised for its honesty.

Battlestar Galactica Finally Wins Something

Television Critics Association honors BSG as best show; True Blood, Mad Men also recognized. Though recognition from awards shows has pretty much become a joke in recent years (OMG a Teen Choice Award!), it's still nice to see a deserving program take home a trophy. Especially when that program is Battlestar Galactica. The Television Critics Association Awards, which took place this past weekend and are exactly what they sound like, honored Battlestar with their highest honor, "program of the year." The SyFy show has always been a critical favorite, but for some reason never got any real love from the Golden Globes or Emmy Awards (it won a few technical awards for effects at the Emmys). A splendid remake of the campy late-1970s program, Battlestar Galactica has repeatedly been called one of the best dramas on TV by prominent professional television critics (not just bloggers working out of their basements). That praise, however, didn't translate to awards. Let's face it, there's a clear bias against sci-fi at the Golden Globes and Emmys, as evidenced by a grand total of ZERO major category nominations during the show's five-season run. At least the TCA award gave it a proper sendoff in its final season, even though many would argue it wasn't even its best. True Blood -- also an Emmy shutout (perhaps there's also a vampire bias?) -- was awarded outstanding new program, one of three wins for HBO. The cable network also won awards for news special The Alzheimer's Project and mini-series Grey Gardens. Mad Men continued its dominance of the drama category (a given regardless of awards show), and The Big Bang Theory took home the hardware in the comedy category. The unisex acting awards went to Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad and Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory. Hmmmm... Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, and Big Bang Theory all winners at the TCAs, but not even nominated for Emmys. Who do you agree with -- the critics or the Emmy voters?

Next True Blood Episode Promo! "Timebomb"

CLICK HERE True Blood episode 8, "Timebomb' now has a sneak peak that looks incredible. In this episode Eric surprises Sookie with the shock of her life and...well, don't want to give any spoilers. Just watch!! CLICK HERE

Watch Now Online: Last Night's New True Blood, Entourage, Defying Gravity and More! - Featured

Last night had some deliciously dramatic new episodes of our Sunday favs, plus the premiere of ABC's new space drama! Catch what you missed or re-watch what you loved. Primetime TV: Defying Gravity - Watch 'Pilot' and 'Natural Selection' True Blood - Watch 'Release Me' Entourage - Watch 'Running on E' Hung - Watch 'Do it, Monkey' Army Wives - Watch 'Coming Home' In Plain Sight - Watch 'Once a Ponzi Time' Drop Dead Diva - Watch 'The Chinese Wall' Big Brother 11 - Watch 'Episode 11' The Storm - Watch 'Part 2' Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Watch 'Alpha Dog' J.O.N.A.S - Watch 'Love Sick' Kendra - Watch 'Undress Rehearsal'

New True Blood PROMO (sneak peak of episode 8!)

Watch True Blood promo here second link: watch new true blood promo True Blood Episode 8, "TIMEBOMB" has a promo SNEAK PEAK and if you're a hardcore fan like me, you gotta see this one. Eric and sookie look in over their heads. Long live True Blood!!

HBO Renews True Blood, Entourage and Hung - Featured

At today's Television Critics Association Press Tour, HBO announced they they have renewed their entire Sunday night lineup! This means a 3rd season for True Blood , a 7th season for Entourage and a sophomore season for Hung . On True Blood: "I think one of the reasons we brought it back as soon as we did is we always felt it felt like a summer the hope is to bring it back next summer." - Michael Lombardo, president, programming group and west coast operations On all 3 series: "The size of these shows has really broken through into the popular culture in a way we haven't seen before." - HBO co-president Richard Plepler Which renewal are you most psyched by? Was I the only one starting to wish that Entourage might come to a conclusion? Source: SciFiWire

True Blood vs. The Vampire Diaries.

Vampire Diaries Vs. True Blood click here! True Blood vs. The Vampire Diaries. Breaking news that fans of both shows are already starting to argue and go to war about their favourite show. Vampire Diaries Vs. True Blood click here!