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A WB Valentine's: Who Should our Fav WB Characters Be With? - Featured

Here at SideReel, we love, love, love The WB ! And we know you do too! Some of all of our favorite shows back in the day (well, the 90's and on a bit) were WB shows with tons of heart and lots of very endearing characters. So, since it's Valentine's Day, let's talk about some WB lovin! Below I've listed some main characters from SideReel's fav older WB shows, so we want to know if you think the characters who did end up with someone ended up with the right someone, and for those main characters left without final love interests, we want to know who you think they should they be with. And don't get too offended here, we're all about empowering the awesomeness of singledom as well, so if you think it's great that character was left living the single life, tell us that too! Gilmore Girls Lorelai & Luke Rory as a single lady Veronica Mars Veronica & Logan - or so we assume! Dawson's Creek Joey & Pacey Dawson single & living his career dream Felicity Felicity & Ben The O.C. Seth & Summer Ryan & possibly Taylor Buffy The Vampire Slayer Buffy being her strong, awesome, single self Share your thrills at these endings or love match dreams below!

Fav Detectives: Vote for your Favorite TV Detectives! - Featured

Voting is now closed. Check out who won as SideReel's ultimate fav: Fav Detectives: SideReel's Fav TV Detectives Are... Our favorite USA Network detectives return this Friday, August 7th as Psych kicks off its 4th season, and Monk begins its 8th and final season! To get psyched up for these mysteriously funny season premieres, we asked you and your fellow Reelers to nominate your favorite TV detectives of classic and current TV shows. Below is the list of the Top 10 most nominated detectives. Check out who made the list, then vote for your #1 ultimate favorite TV detective! (Since some of these are paired,each pair counts for a singular fav.) Shawn & Gus - Psych Adrian Monk - Monk Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars Richard Castle - Castle Sam & Dean - Supernatural Bones & Booth - Bones Patrick Jane - The Mentalist Holmes & Watson - Sherlock Holmes Columbo - Columbo Robert Goren - Law & Order: Criminal Intent Voting will close Friday afternoon (8/7) and the favorite SideReel detective (or detective duo) will be announced!

Fav Detectives: Nominate your Favorite TV Detectives! - Featured

Nominations are now closed. Come join in the voting round to determine the top dog TV detective on SideReel: Fav Detectives: Vote for your Favorite TV Detectives! Our very favorite USA Network detectives return this Friday, August 7th as Psych kicks off its 4th season, and Monk begins its 8th and final season! As these mysterious and fun new seasons start up, we want to know if Adrian Monk, Shawn Spencer, Burton 'Gus' Guster, or another TV detective holds the high honor of SideReel's very favorite TV detective. Do you prefer the silliness of Psych's beloved duo, the endearing neurosis of Monk's genius, the spunky, quirkiness of Veronica Mars, or maybe the seriousness of CSI: Miami 's Horatio Caine? Nominate your favorite TV detectives from classic to current, and choose as many as you like! Also, feel free to mention a detective already nominated by another Reeler as after this nominations round, we'll choose the top 10 nominated detectives to have a face-off for the title of SideReel's very favorite detective!

Veronica Mars Movie Coming Out!?

When is The Veronica Mars Movie coming out? I loved the show and I am excited for the movie. I loved Kristen Bells Character she was absolutely fabulous...! You know how they say that a television show character adds her personality into the character? I absolutely think that this is true and I would love to meet her in person or at least have a friend who is like her with her wit and stuff! I am excited to see what else she will be in.... Add comments please!

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Veronica Mars

Can you believe they plan on making a Veronica Mars movie. I am so sciked

Bring Veronica Mars Back!

I Can't Not say it, Veronica Mars Rocks! and should have never been canceled. This is the start of a revolution, were we bring the best of tv Back from the grave! Lets start with this amazing show. Who's with me!