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Watching series is getting hard!

OMG.. i can't believe it, but some one need to say it loud out, Its hard to follow a serie in theese day's... Im sorry that my English wrighting is so bad, but im not from an english speeking country so, help that fact out of the way, When i found my self a great serie like this, i putt my dates on and try to watch it when my agenda allows it. I get in the storry and just love it is see the charictars growing looking for the twist... But here it comes after just a vieuw eppisode the series and! And you need to wait for months for a new season... i find my self at the moment that all my fav. series are in a stop! thats just grazie! if you see what the actors and crew menbers get payed! On television its even more worse! The networks change the dates and times labels so often thats become a day time job to follow a serie! What the hecK is the problem? Make a great serie keep up the work when its suck try to make the serie more intrested! because all the new shows are often week version of an old succes ore movie. What the f*ck is vampiers diary about? I prefer the movie twilight more its just a money and time waisting show... it wil be loved for mabye one ore 2 season and than were tierd of it. Its the same like medium and the menthalist, gossip girl and melrose place? Come one guy's i have my own shop and people are complaining about the credit crisis? But we spent money by make simmelair show all the time? how mutch of CSI and law and order spin offs do we need? Where are the creative people in theese day's? Why canceling greats show like, sexy dirty money, pushing daysies because we need beside Grey's anatomy als prived prectice? And why does brook Shield the terrible show with friends what just look like a cheap rip off sex in the city... nd you can see the only reason why theye are doing it is for the money? Come on i know that i start the wrong career by not trying to be a celeberty and become an actor and make the big money by making 1 season of a show and making more money than a averige person will make in there whole life... But i still wanna see a good show and see people loving there job and are there for the art? And not getting f*cked in a show and people are like.... no i get tiered let do a stop after 13th episode so i can go on holliday's i got my money see you in six months... And the networks go like, im not anough people are looking to it because we are repeating it for alle reddy 6 months... so we quit ass wel? And lets make a rip off a movie, ore a good show of the 7ties? And we make it new again? Ore lets make CSI Amsterdam, belgium, London? witch city we don't have all reddy? I know one Sinbabwe? SCI Sinbabwe? Come one this is a great show don't let me waith for months before there is a new season comming? Ore make a weak and money spending spin of for one of the charactars... because i stopted paying for cable and started to watch online i hope people are with me... mabye theye are going to be normal?

Turn out

I've been following Weeds since the beginning. I'm actually kind of happy with the way its turnin out. Shane is becoming a fcking boss. I like this darker side of the show. What do you guys think of how its been going lately?


Am new here. Why a URL to clink on to watch Weeds but it never shows up?

Nancy breaking Andy's heart!

Nancy is being such a bitch to Andy. I feel so bad for him. He had sex with some psyco while homeless people shat all around him just to provide for her. AH i hate her so much right now! does anybody else feel the same way?

song @ end of episode

What is it? "it goes bang bang in my head..."

Is Weeds dead in the water?

Is it me or has weeds gotten progressively worse since their house burned down and they moved out of the suburbs? I mean it made a great season finale but come on?! Personally I would be surprised it the show got renewed for a season six! Is there anyone who actually disagrees with me? why?


I have to say Weeds has evolved. From light hearted whim to hardcore grit, Weeds matures into a pungent, thought-provoking series. With Nancy's objectification and torment, Weeds capitalizes on the downfall of the heroine, showing the consequences of thrusting aside her allegiance. This series is not only brilliant but tackles on the the sadistic side of selling marijuana. Weeds has turned over a new leaf for the better, and the characters continue to grows as the pot (I mean plot) blossoms. Nancy Botwin's plight and downfall is cleverly addressed as the sex of Andy juxtaposes the rape of her own body. Weeds is genius and continues to burgeon ingenuity coupled with comedy. Nothing can stop growth and i can see that Weeds is here to stay.


God he's cold. I thought that they were right for each other, but he must not have cared about her that much before. I hope Conrad and crew come back

New Episode...

Anyone know when the next episode is supposed to be, Like an actuall date thanks! :)