Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 12 "Healthcare & Cinema" Review

From NY Mag:

The finale held a few surprises, as finales are wont to do: Eddie finally gets mad (and mad drunk), Jackie gets in a fight (with a machine), and Intern Zoey takes off her pink scrubs.

Who: Eddie, the Ex-Pharmacist

Jackie's problem: At the close of last week's episode, Eddie peered into Kevin's bar, where he spied Jackie and family in the throes of domestic bliss. This time he strides right into the bar, plops himself down, and kicks off a daylong drinking binge - all for the courage to chat up Kevin about his personal life and wife. When Kevin dreamily describes the wonderful, wifely things Jackie does for him, the look on Eddie's face subtly cycles through surprise, sadness, envy, and jealous-boyfriend anger.

The solution: Eddie caps his day with a drunken sneak-attack on All Saints, where he spews a stream of epithets on the verge of revealing his affair with Jackie. As he's forced from the hospital, he whispers in Jackie's ear: "That's a nice boy you've got there."

Ridiculousness: Medium-High. That Eddie would want to come out with their affair isn't so surprising - what shocks is that he refrains from spilling it. Especially under the influence of so much booze.

Who: Zoey

Jackie's problem: Zoey was the one who overdosed the now-comatose film critic, but Jackie may have to take the fall. This troubles Jackie somewhat, but more so Zoey, who sheds her trademark pink scrubs in favor of mournful, Eeyore-gray garb. To complete the picture, Zoey brazenly hangs up on Akalitus, who is stuck in the elevator, acting out cartoonish fantasies of fame and friendship with the critic. Zoey is avoiding Akalitus because Akalitus is demanding a formal investigation into the situation. Soon enough, though, the patient is awake and transformed, fondly remembering the movie Showgirls and now innocent of his once venomous hatred of Kevin Costner.

Jackie's solution: Keeping Akalitus marooned means Jackie and Zoey don't have to make a statement - yet.

Ridiculousness: Low. Zoey's diversion into the doldrums shows a serious side we knew had to be there all along.

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Aug 26, 2009 3:38AM EDT

fantastic ending to a great show and i loved the use of creedance clearwater revival's use of have you seen the rain awesome cant wait for season 2

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