CSI is the World's #1 TV Show

We often hear about the most popular TV programs in the United States (American Idol...), but what about in the rest of the world?

Eurodata TV Worldwide has computed the numbers, and in the drama category the original CSI attracted the most viewers, while in the comedy category Desperate Housewives was number one.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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Jun 21, 2008 11:44PM EDT

i wuld have to agree csi vegas it the greatest show ever, it inspired the creation of other shows not only the other two spin offs in the csi legacy but it was aalso what what inspired the creation of criminal minds another great show, murder another good show, as we all know great shows shuldnt wear themselves out by trying to keep it alive to get more and more money and i kno the end of csi vegas is fast approaching in the next 2 to 4 yrs and they are being smart they have realised that it is getting close to crunch timeand due to the fact it has its 2 spin offs i kno they will not let down the reputation that csi has earned and they will also end when the writers an producers kno its time to call it a day and that is why csi will always b the greatest show at least in my eyes

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