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(S05E10) "No one is fine around you." - Silas to Nancy

Well, at least Nancy is starting to have some feelings for her sons again. I guess. I'm not alone in my thought that she seems to have lost the motherly gene she had at the beginning of the series. I dunno...maybe she never had it to begin with. But since hooking up with Esteban, it's gone out the window - until it slapped her in the face when Shane took a bullet meant for her.

Now she's all hyped up about Silas getting out of dodge and backpacking around Europe. Except she doesn't realize that it's too late for Silas. He's already grown and running his own illegal enterprises - a skill he picked up from her. I know it's a TV show, but after the childhood these kids have had, they're pretty much ruined as far as having any sort of normal life.

And now Shane seems to be going down a path that's going to be very hard to come back from - taking drugs himself. He's swigging vodka and eying the Percocets. He says he doesn't want to take them, even though he realizes that he could "make the pain go away with a pill." This is some serious business Weeds is tackling.

Though I did have to laugh - out loud, I think - when Andy swiped a few Percocets, then blacked out in the background while a string of people came by to see Shane, laid up with his bullet wound.

The scene with Doug muscling in on the Brownie's (or whatever they were) corner was pretty funny, too. "Oh, cram it, Brownie," says Doug, then sticks his tongue out at them when he gets a sale. Only it's a woman who clues him into the fact that Celia is selling pot with her You're Pretty cosmetics. Which led to another funny scene...

...Doug getting Dean over a barrel and making him "drop the pants; dunk the dean nuts." It's straying into weird territory - well, it's Doug, after all - but is it gay territory how fixated these guys are on each others' body parts? I'm not a guy, though. Maybe that's normal. And we did get this line from the exchange:

"I was gonna be a drug kingpin! I was gonna be Tony Montana! I got nothin'." - Dean to Doug

I'm just not feeling the Andy-Audra connection, and she doesn't feel it either, because she realizes he has a thing for Nancy. Still, their scenes did result in some humorous lines:

"Stealing drugs from a drug lord. Bold. Hot." - Andy to Audra, upon finding her stealing medical supplies from Esteban

"Doctor Teeth." - Andy, claiming that he does indeed know some jazz musicians

"He's a muppet." - Audra

"He's a JAZZ muppet." - Andy

Anyway, Nancy has gone off and married Esteban (Why?! For the love of God, why?!), so I guess the Nancy-Andy connection isn't going to happen this season. I don't know, though, there's still a few episodes left, so anything could happen. Then again, Andy gave up his baby-daddy rights. Sigh...

Feel free to throw your two cents in about the nacho libre wrestler, the drug-minion nurse, or Nancy boldly ordering the death of Pilar. I got nothin'.

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Dec 15, 2012 12:09AM EST

wow that's crazy lets see if Pillar gets killed?

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