Sora No Otoshimono Forte Episode #06 Anime Review

After the previous episode dealt rather strongly with some of the larger back story of the series, at least from the view of someone who hasn't seen the first season, I can't say I expected much out of this episode besides a whole lot of perverted fun. And that's what gets it all going here as Astrea is set to go to school with everyone else, which means throwing her into a school uniform. Boys being boys, Tomoki takes advantage of it by channeling his inner Ataru and dressing up as the school nurse so he can get her mostly naked to take her measurements and get completely hands on with her body. Astrea's introduction to the school world does not go over well overall, even though she's mildly oblivious to it a lot of the time.

And it's exactly those ways and means that Tomoki uses that has him ranking at the very bottom of the boyfriend candidate list. Such things are amusing in general (unless you're on them!) and Tomoki does not handle it well since he thinks he's a great catch. Being called perverted and creepy, things he most definitely is but doesn't view himself that way, just eggs him on even more. Unfortunately for him, what will make it worse is that he does take up the class president on her offer to get it all settled, which means it's time for an elaborate game show with Sugata running it. I knew it would happen, but I had hoped that after the last episode that Sugata would be able to retain some of his dignity since he was so clued in to what was really going on and lead quite the solid investigation into it.

The contest takes up a huge part of the episode and it's worth every frame. He comes across completely perverted and it's easy to understand why people think he's stupid, but the battle he faces with himself combined with what he knows of girls in his world is priceless. Tomoki is the rare character that I think manages to work very well both in his regular form and his tiny pervy form where everything gets exaggerated. The large scale event is fun but so is when things get smaller and he tries to play the game against just Astrea. Not that she's the sharpest tack in the box, but man, it just shows how easy it is to manipulate Tomoki. Which is admittedly part of his charm, especially when it comes to women. So much of this episode is focused on fun, and making fun of Tomoki, that it works exceptionally well. Yet it sneaks in a few tender scenes as well which helps to give it a touch of heart that does manage to soften the blow a bit.

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