Maid-Sama! Episode #19-22 Anime Review

Picking up where we left off last time, Misaki and Usui find themselves now paired in the Footman Competition, as their partners were revealed as being not qualified to participate. The next task assigned them is to prepare a table for a high-class afternoon tea. They only have 10 minutes, so the contestants rush about. Usui, however, very calmly thinks about it and then pushes Misaki, always frenetic with energy, in the right directions. Of course Usui would seem to know what is required for English-style High Tea. Again, Mr. Perfect to the (boring) rescue.

Of course, things cannot go entirely smoothly. Misaki manages to injure Usui rather foolishly, which puts them at a disadvantage during the final competition, which is to attend to one of the judges as if they were a real customer. Misaki tries to cover for Usui's injury by doing all of the heavy lifting, but this only arouses their judge Maki's suspicions even more. Usui tries to cover by playing the violin, but this only serves to temporarily mask his injuries. Misaki finally tries to end the masquerade by revealing that Usui is injured, though Maki says that so long as he wishes to serve, he should. Misaki, however, cannot accept that a footman should just carry on as if nothing is happening when their fellow server is injured and in pain. They should all support each other. The speech oddly seems to touch Maki, who seemed otherwise rather heartless and cold. The upshot is that Toru Igarashi decides to drop the plot to destroy Maid Latte, telling Maki there is another property then can use.

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