Glass Mask Episode #27 Anime Review

After Sentai Filmworks won us over with the first DVD set that contained twenty-six episodes, earning an A grade as a whole, I waited patiently from its January 2010 release to see if they'd bring out more. As time goes on and few statements seem to indicate that the show did not do well enough to pursue more, it's back to the streaming side to watch the series and to try and get back into the groove of it. Thankfully, the story of Maya and her acting inspirations are engaging and exciting to watch, so it's relatively easy to get back into the show even after a ten month break from it.

Maya's life continues to be manipulated as she tries to get out into the world more and she's simply too oblivious and naïve to really realize what's happening. A lot of it comes down to her being focused on her romance with Shigeru but even that comes with a dark edge as there are quite a few fans that want to not just take her down a peg, but to take her out entirely. Friends that she has aren't really her friends as they're taking advantage of her and hiding secrets while those from her previous troupe with Tsukikage are being kept from her through interference. Maya has such strong feelings from those that the performed with before that when she does find out, she heads right over to a performance to see it. Naturally, none of it goes well because of the way someone pushed her friends off before and the way her presence interferes with the performance. Maya's handler, Mizuki, is really doing a number on things.

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