Shiki Episode #18 Anime Review

Natsuno's arc in this series has certainly been interesting, and while I certainly expected him to rise from the dead, I don't think I expected him to come back as one of the special people like Tatsumi and Sunako are. Called Jinrou, they're a subspecies of the Shiki that are definitely quite rare. And with the way Natusno is acting, Tatsumi and the others are making sure they know his place in the grand scheme of things and that they can take him out. Natsuno doesn't seem cocky per se since his return, but he definitely has a different feel about him as though he cn actually accomplish something because of how he is now.

The lives of the normal okigari are taking on an interesting turn as time goes on as well as they're coming across as normal people the more they take over the village. Their lives are going through usual events that we see, though with some amusing twists. That it opens on a pair of guys digging holes in the ground for the bodies of those that don't come back, and admit they're just glad to have a job, says a lot. Others are starting their lives anew with those they loved before, back in the same homes and going through familiar routines, while others act out as though the shackles of society have been removed for them and they can romp and play as they see fit. It speaks a lot to human nature as to how they react to the situation as time goes on and most of them seek some form of structure in their new lives.

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