Nyan Koi Complete Collection Anime DVD Review

Based on the manga series by Sato Fujiwara, Nyankoi is a twelve episode series that runs with a predictable storyline but manages to stay fresh and fun throughout. With only five volumes of manga material to work with, and still ongoing as of this writing, Nyankoi offers up some potential to do something fun though you know that it's not going to be truly brought to a conclusion here simply because of the opening premise. Curses and all that's associated with it is fairly traditional and marrying that with teenage romance and confusion isn't all that much of a surprise. What makes it work is that the characters are fun and AIC put together a really good looking production here. The series focuses on high school student Jyunpei Kousaka who leads a pretty good life and is generally happy, though not without his problems. Living with his mother and sister, his main problem at home is that he's allergic to cats and lives in a very cat heavily family. His allergies get strong but he's able to cope simply because he has to. In his school life, he's your average student who is in love with a fellow classmate named Kaede Mizuno. Mizuno's an attractive and smart girl who is a bit socially out of step since she's missing some basic cues given by people and doesn't quite get that Kousaka is interested in her. She's a fun character who unfortunately lives in a family who loves dogs while she's got a bit attraction to cats.

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