Level E Episode #01 Anime Review

Based on the short three volume manga series by Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi that ran back in the mid 90's, Level E is a new one cour anime series from Studio Pierrot that brings some science fiction to the game this winter. While I've enjoyed parts of Togashi's work before, the two main series simply ran too long in manga form and were difficult to adapt to anime because of that. With the success of thos series, Level E was something that didn't last all that long in Japan for a few different reasons but because of that length it makes for an interesting adaptation as it has only so much to work with and can move within it well enough so as to be faithful but still find its own way.

The show has a strong science fiction angle to it as it introduces us to Yukitaka, a high school student who has come to the rural city to a high school who's recruiting a lot of baseball players so as to increase its rankings and stature. Yukitaka's a pretty decent guy as he gets his own place but discovers he has a roommate named Prince. Nothing like truth in advertising as Prince is actually the first prince of a planet called Dogura. Aliens come and go to Earth in all types but they all work to blend in while conducting their business there. Prince is amusing as he's rather open with Yukitaka about his origins since he's not quite up to speed on things yet when it comes to human language. While Yukitaka wants him out, Prince is able to get under his skin enough to cajole him into letting him stay with him. Of course, it's a pretty cringe inducing way it happens, with Yukitaka apparently causing quite a few deaths by accident, but it just adds to the surreal nature of what Yukitaka is going through.

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