The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 "Prey" Recap: Go Andrea?

WALKING DEAD SPOILERS AHEAD! Stop reading if you haven’t seen "Prey," which aired Sunday, March 17 on AMC.

Go Andrea ... or should Andrea just go? Her character is finally in the mental place we've wanted her all season (anti-Governor), but physically she's exactly where we don't want her to be. At least this time she's not in Woodbury by choice, but is it too late for her to be saved? As in, too late for her to live and/or win back viewers frustrated with her story?

On The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 14, "Prey," things got freaky in Woodbury, and Andrea actually took action instead of just talking about taking action. Not that Andrea taking action actually gives better results, but at least this week she left Woodbury. She didn't kill The Governor, but she did go back into the woods and made for the prison. Do you think she should've killed The Governor when she (finally) wanted to, or was Milton right to tell her she'd be killed and Martinez would continue the killing. Is that true? It feels like The Gov is the only leader and without him the whole thing falls apart. Martinez doesn't have the same leadership quality. If you can even call it that.

This week, we also learned some things about Tyreese: 1) He's not the best shot. 2) He and Allen don't get along too well, and Allen is the worse for it. 3) He doesn't approve of The Governor's plans. He caught on to the whole Gov thing faster than Andrea, but maybe not as fast as Michonne, and he's still there, so what will that mean? Why does he want to stay?

And who knows what's going to happen to Milton. Milton wants to stay in Woodbury because it's his home, but he's too conflicted about what The Gov is doing to be safe there.

Also this week, the Governor continued his descent into mustache-twirling (and whistling?!) evil. Talk about sleeping with the enemy. He has a torture chamber. He lied to Tyreese and Sasha about Andrea being out there all winter on her own with the walkers, when we know she was with Michonne. He chased Andrea through the woods and into their own little horror movie in an abandoned building. He whispered at her and smiled and did his scary little chuckle and told her it was time to go home to Woodbury. Some walkers showed up and it looked like they might save her — and kill him — but since when have we (or Andrea) been that lucky? She got so close to freedom.

What did you think about The Gov/Andrea cat-and-mouse chase? It was masterfully filmed, which is something we've come to expect from this season, and turned the show into a Hitchcockian suspense thriller, which is never a bad thing. And isn't it nice when they remember to include zombies on the show? This season, especially the back half, has been so human-happy we sometimes forget this is the zombie apocalypse. This week, walkers were part of the storyline, from the "biters" who were set on fire, to the ones with The Governor. 

Did you miss the prison this week? We got close, and even saw Rick but ... once again, no Daryl Dixon. This aggression will not stand, man! Do you think Rick and company will try to save the tied-up Andrea? Do they have reason to? Will they have to make a trade? Do they have reason to? What would you do, if you were them?

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