'Hannibal' S3E6: Dolce

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Talk about leaving someone hanging out to dry. Season 3 has been a slow-burner so far, having all of its characters become frogs in a pot of water that’s having its temperature raised one episode at a time until it reaches its boiling point. That point of no return has been reached, but how will characters react now that it has? Will they make a leap or be cooked?

Although the first two seasons didn’t give much room for female characters to breathe, season 3 has completely turned that around by making them take huge jumps in character development, ost notably with Alana and Bedelia. Bedelia has changed so much since she was introduced. Now she wants out of her relationship with Hannibal — not out of fear, but because it’s time. She and Chiyoh shared a great scene where they compared likenesses almost to the point of jealousy;then, Bedelia injected herself with a concoction of drugs and played crazy. While playing a brainwashed victim may have worked for the police, it obviously didn't with Will and Jack, who saw right through her act.

Hannibal S3

Jack and Will joined forces but had a difference of opinion on ways to go about catching Hannibal. Will confronts Hannibal to fulfill his own needs: he finds Hannibal in front of the Botticelli, where is sketching a possible crime scene arrangement for Will and Bedelia. Both Will and Bedelia are special to Hannibal, and their ability to survive alongside Hannibal. That being said, Will and Hannibal aren’t just fated to be in each other’s lives, but their sense of self while around each other has become blurred. It’s always enjoyable to watch them share a moment together, and this one in the museum was sweet… even if Will meant to stab Hannibal soon after.

The dinner scene was absolutely terrifying. That is most definitely the example to lead with when pretending to kill off a main character. The very idea that Will could have taken Krendler’s place was a wee bit too traumatizing. Will and Hannibal (no sign of Jack so far) wound up alive and well at Muskrat Farms, cutting Hannibal’s time "picking" Will’s brain short.

The Vergers & Alana were the last to be reintroduced in season 3, but each and every one of their scenes are powerful enough to keep up. Mason reached "transubstantiation" while musing on the thought of preparing Hannibal in the style of peking duck. Alana and Margot, after a kaleidoscopic sex scene, began an alliance, planning for a world without Mason. Alana’s metamorphosis into the vindictive, cane-wielding person she is now only proves just how far gone old Alana is.


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