Fall Premieres Guide for 10/9-10/15

This Fall Premiere season is an awesome time for TV fans! This week, our premieres cover almost every genre. We have horror, comedy, superheroes galore, dramas, comedies, thrillers and detective shows, to name just a few.

Supergirl: S3E1

Monday, Oct. 9

Supergirl (8:00 PM on the CW)
Returning for a third season, the difficult balance of being Kara Zor-El and Kara Danvers was at the core of last season’s finale as Kara laid out all the things she wanted for herself versus what she had to do (and sacrifice) as a superhero. Counseled by cousin Clark/Superman, it reminded me of how young she is, with so much potential (reporter!) and yet with so much pressure and public expectation on her to save the world.
The Season 3 trailers show a disillusioned Supergirl, filled with self-doubt and in need of her friends. She says, "I am not a human, I tried to be, but I’m not." Grief stricken and burning with rage that she had to sacrifice Mon-El, she decides that Kara Danvers is dead. However, another storm is brewing in the form of Reign, destroyer of worlds.

Valor (9:00 PM on the CW)
Military drama
Pilot. In the premiere, the ‘Shadow Raiders’ are an elite group of helicopter pilots tasked with a dangerous mission in Somalia. The mission ends disastrously for the tight-knit crew, with all but two of the pilots dead and one captured by terrorists. The two remaining pilots hatch a plan to rescue their captured comrade.

The Flash: S4E1

Tuesday, Oct. 10

The Flash (8:00 PM on the CW)
Superhero action-adventure
In the season 3 finale we discovered that Iris was alive, and it was H.R. in disguise who had been killed by Savitar. However, this changes the future and leaves Savitar in a time paradox, ultimately culminating in his death during an epic showdown with Team Flash. Then it was up to Barry to save the day one more time by sacrificing himself to the Speed Force prison in order to keep reality from tearing apart, passing his mantle on to Wally. In Season 4, we see Team Flash is fighting the good fight but they desperately need the Flash to return.

Legends of Tomorrow (9:00 PM on the CW)
Superhero action-adventure
Last season, the team had to risk everything, even time, by traveling back to 1916 to get the Spear of Destiny. When a storm ensured they couldn’t escape from a Legion ambush, a number of the Doomworld Legend’s were killed in battle/or disappeared into thin air (along with evil Eobard). The remaining Legends ensure everything and everyone is returned to their correct place in time. We knew there would be deaths, but so many!?!
In Season 3, the team crash lands in an alternate timeline Los Angeles, complete with dinosaurs roaming deserted streets and strange buildings from other times, leading to a frantic attempt to fix everything.

Mr. Robot: S3E1

Wednesday, Oct. 11

Chance (on Hulu)
Medical drama
Hugh Laurie returns as the troubled neuropsychiatrist, who never really knows how to treat his patients’ problems or his own. After receiving mixed reviews, the writers are coming back with a rebooted, stronger and more innovative season for us to watch. Eldon Chance even smiles, a wry smile for sure, but, if he’s making progress, perhaps the show is too?

Riverdale (8:00 PM on the CW)
Teen mystery drama
In the season finale, Archie rushed his father to the hospital after he was shot in the diner. This will either be the catalyst for Archie and Veronica’s growing closeness to blossom into a real relationship or end it as Archie will be so focused on his dad’s recovery – if he makes a recovery. As a result, we can expect that Archie is a changed boy at the start of the season. He is darker, brooding and hell-bent on revenge. Season two also sees Betty and Jughead launching their own investigation into the shooting, and Archie’s mom arriving in Riverdale.

Dynasty (9:00 PM on the CW)
Soap opera
Pilot. Well, the trailers for this new version of Dynasty don’t really show an updated storyline.This reboot of the 1980’s soap opera is brought to us by the same people who gave us The OC and Gossip Girl, so they’re in familiar territory with this show focusing on the twenty-something children of a billionaire businessman and his new (much younger) wife.
The children’s characters haven’t changed much. There’s still the ambitious daughter (Fallon), who wants to run her father’s business but is always passed over, and the gay son, who refers to himself as ‘the black sheep’ of the family since he doesn’t want to run the company. The father’s new wife, Cristal, does bring some character tweaks, with a shady background and the CEO post Fallon has always wanted. Cue fight scene with Cristal in her wedding dress…

Mr. Robot (10:00 PM on USA Network)
We had a two hour finale for season 2, and it was a humdinger! Tyrell finally returned with a bang, literally, shooting Elliot when Elliot decided he wasn’t on board to blow up a building filled with people. The interrogation scene between Darlene and Dom left us wondering if they might be working together next season. Although we the audience weren’t shown the information, what Darlene saw might be enough to convince her to switch sides.
In Season 3, BD Wong becomes a series regular and Bobby Cannavale joins this tight-knit ensemble cast. We’re told to expect something brand new! Will Angela still be alive? Will Darlene be working undercover for the FBI? Why does White Rose care so much about what’s going on inside the Washington township plant? How will Elliot react to Tyrell shooting him? All of the various and complex story arcs can’t possibly be answered but whatever Esmail gives us in season 3, we’ll eat it up with a spoon.

The Shannara Chronicles (10:00 PM on Spike)
Fantasy adventure
Returning for season 2, TSC has made a move from MTV to Spike and that could make all the difference in the show’s quality. In the finale, Amberle became the Elcrys tree, but surely the writers will bring back this talented actress through some kind of magic? Bandon has gone over to the dark side and looked in no mood to ever return to fight for good in the Four Worlds.
In season 2 we’re one year after the finale. Magic has re-emerged in the Four Worlds, but not to make it better; the citizens are terrified. We’re introduced to the Sword of Shannara, and the fact that, in his grief over losing Amberle, Wil Ohmsford (the last remaining descendant of the Shannara bloodline) has discarded magic and the development of his healing powers. Wil ends up being saved by magic, but will he be grateful enough to start using his powers again to help fight against the darkness? Five new characters are introduced and hopefully the writing will be much improved, giving all of the actors real character development and more cohesive story arcs to work with.

Supernatural: S13E1

Thursday, Oct. 12

I Love You, America (on Hulu)
Political talk show
Pilot. Sarah Silverman has never been one to take herself too seriously and neither, it seems, does her dad. She interviews him while he’s in a swimming pool and everything he says is comedy gold. Now we know where she gets the funny from!
This topical new show sees Sarah going around the country talking with people who may or may not agree with her personal opinions. Whatever she does is always interesting, but this holds special promise since she’s making a conscious decision to try to reach out to people with different opinions from hers. Not too many people are doing that, so I’ll definitely be tuning in.

Supernatural (8:00 PM on the CW )
The Winchester brothers are back for their thirteenth season (that’s the brothers’ favorite number)! An extraordinarily fast-moving 2 hour season finale helped to wrap up all those arcs we’d been enjoying throughout season 12. Two major characters, Castiel and Crowley, were killed off, Rowena is toast, Lucifer returned (again), and Lucifer’s child was born, with the birth opening a rift to another dimension – a world ravaged by the apocalypse, where Heaven and Hell are at war. In that dimension the brothers never existed in order to fight the good fight and save humanity. The discovery that their mom is alive is astonishing news. Dean had a chat with his mom, using his powers, but the reunion was all too brief as she sacrificed herself by locking herself in in the alternate universe with Lucifer.
In Season 13 Sam and Dean must figure out what to do with Lucifer’s baby. But more importantly, their mom makes her return. No news on how or when it will happen, but Mary Winchester will be back! John Winchester might also return! It seems this alternate dimension is bringing back a whole lot of characters we thought were dead and gone forever. I can’t quite imagine a Supernatural where Sam and Dean have both their mom and dad but wow, that scenario would bring the emotion. Last, there will be a Scooby Doo crossover episode this season!

Arrow (9:00 PM on the CW)
Superhero action-drama
The fifth season finale, now that was a cliffhanger! Are Oliver’s friends and family dead? Oliver showed some real character development by choosing not to kill Chase, though he may have regretted that decision when Chase forced him to choose between saving his son or saving Team Arrow. After Oliver chose his son’s life, Chase killed himself, and the island where Team Arrow was blew up. We were left wondering how anyone could have survived the massive explosions.
As for Season 6, Oliver is trying to find time to be a father whilst being Mayor of Star City, when Anatoly makes his return. As you might have guessed, he’s not back to make nice.

Jane the Virgin: S4E1

Friday, Oct. 13

Mindhunter (on Netflix)
Dark mystery thriller
Pilot. Already renewed for two seasons, Netflix obviously has a lot of confidence in this show, perhaps due to David Fincher’s involvement? Set in 1979, it follows two FBI agents interviewing incarcerated criminals, the first time anyone ever thought to have a conversation with murderers about why they kill people. Using information gleaned from the killers, they help investigate and solve murders. Unfortunately, their unorthodox way of working does not sit well with the FBI. These are the investigators who created the term ‘serial killer’ and throughout the season we are shown the process that brings that term into both the FBI and public consciousness. Everything looks authentic for that era and the premise is enthralling. Not to be missed.

Lore (on Amazon)
Pilot. Do you like urban myths and scary legends? It’s Friday 13th and just in time, Lore arrives on our screens! Based on the phenomenon that was the Lore podcasts, this anthology has every episode showcasing a new story, based on real events. With Glen Morgan (X-Files) as showrunner and actors of Robert Patrick’s calibre starring, this should be really good horror! If it’s as scary as Aaron Mahnke’s podcasts, then prepare to be creeped out so much that you’re checking under the bed before you can sleep, for many nights after the premiere has aired!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (8:00 PM on the CW)
Romantic musical comedy drama
Has there ever been a more uplifting, real and lovable musical comedy show on TV? Rachel Bloom as Rebecca is a star! Last season, Rebecca began to notice Josh, then like Josh, start to date Josh, have period sex with Josh (epic song) and then almost marry Josh. Almost.
This season brings us a revenge-driven Rebecca aiming to punish Josh for dumping her at the altar. Watch, laugh, cry, sing along and have fun with this wonderful, amazing and unique show!

Jane the Virgin (9:00 PM on the CW)
Satire, romantic comedy-drama telenovela
Everything happened in the season finale! No, really, everything! Ro & Xo finally tied the knot, despite a ruined wedding dress and tropical storm-induced power outage. Darci revealed she is pregnant with Rogelio’s baby. Petra got caught kissing Chuck, leading Rafael to dump her again. Luisa cut Rafael off from his inheritance after learning he’s not her biological brother. Jane’s attempts to find a secret love letter from Michael proved fruitless, only to have it hand-delivered by her first love, Adam (Tyler Posey!). So, you know, just your average episode of Jane the Virgin.
It’ll be interesting in Season 4 to see how Ro and Xo are settling into married life, how Rafael handles life without his trust fund, and what other havoc those pesky siblings, Luisa and Anezka, will stir up. How far along will Darci be? Mainly, I’m watching to see Adam and Jane fall in love.

Dirk Gently: S2E1

Saturday, Oct. 14

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (9:00 PM on BBC America)
If you want to laugh, watch this series. It’s based on Douglas Adams’ fantastic novels of the same name. Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood are the main stars but my favorite character is Holistic Assassin Bart Curlish, who believes the universe protects her from being killed. She says, "I don’t dodge bullets, bullets dodge me." Strangely enough, they do! She is determined to find and kill Dirk, even though she doesn’t know who he is. In Season 2, Alan Tudyk will pay the recurring role of Mr. Priest, Bounty Hunter! Shhh...don’t mention Project Blackwing. Yikes!

White Famous: S1E1

Sunday, Oct. 15

Berlin Station (9:00 PM on Epix)
Spy thriller
Starring Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller, a CIA analyst who learned over the course of the first season how to be an undercover field officer. In the penultimate episode and finale, he was still on the hunt for whistleblower Thomas Shaw and narrowly avoided being killed by him. After discovering Shaw’s identity and backstory, Miller let Shaw go, knowing that the real culprits at Langley needed to answer for their crimes.
It’s a complex, intriguing and compelling thriller, however season 1 could have done with tighter writing and more action scenes. In season 2, I don’t think the writers’ will disappoint as Miller has a brand new deep undercover mission and Ashley Judd joins the talented cast as the new station chief. Her character is nicknamed ‘the station whisperer’ due to her talent in helping struggling stations like Berlin regain their footing.

Good Behavior (9:00 PM on TNT)
In season 1, Letty (Michelle Dockery), led a life that was definitely not boring. She was a recently released parolee who’d done time for being a con-artist and thief. She was also a drug addict. After overhearing a hit-man planning his next job, she was coaxed into helping him. Intent on changing her life so she could regain custody of her son, Letty went to attend her mother’s wedding. However, instead of spending quality time with her mom and son before the ceremony (let’s not mention that restraining order), Letty had to go bail her mom out of prison! With Javier and Letty’s relationship intensifying, plus the change in Jacob’s custody arrangement, we are set up for a never-a-dull-moment season 2!

White Famous (10:00 PM on Showtime)
"It’s the dress, huh? Everyone’s always trippin’ on the dress," says Jamie Foxx in the premiere of what looks like a hilarious must-see show. Foxx is one of the executive producers and also plays himself in the show. However, Jay Pharaoh of SNL fame is the main star, playing a young comedian doing the rounds in small clubs. After being spotted by an agent, he discovers that Jamie wants him in his new movie. He’s soon dealing with all the perks and problems that come with being a mainstream star. It’s loosely based on Foxx and Pharaoh's real life experiences in stand-up and that of many African American comedians, who have experienced the dilemma of trying to keep their core audience whilst appealing to mainstream audiences.



Large snoopy

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Oct 9, 2017 5:05PM EDT

My thanks to @ZaneAppeal, as he suggested I put the genre on each show! I'd had the idea but didn't know a) how to work it into the piece and b) if anyone other than me would want to see the genres. It was so much fun trying to work out which genre the shows (esp. Dirk Gently) belonged to.

So, massive shout out to Zane for being the best sidereeler ever and a really good mate! Hope to see you soon around the site @Zane!

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Oct 9, 2017 9:47PM EDT

OMG - I think I died and went to heaven! Most of my faves are nearly here & some of the new shows I've been impatient to watch are nearly here too! (Now, if only the networks in Aus pull their fingers out and start broadcasting them...!)

Large snoopy

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Oct 9, 2017 10:12PM EDT

Hello, my friend! *waves hi* That's fabulous! I'm so happy for you, this time of year is fabulous for us TV watchers.

It's so exciting when all of our favorite shows come back, I can never decide what to watch first, my faves (to find out how the cliffhangers resolved) or try a few of the Pilot shows (let's hope none of the latter make it onto our list!).

You're so lucky to live in Aus, I have family on the Gold Coast and each time I've visited it's been amazing.

Yep, I hear you, get those networks petitioned so there isn't a long wait to see the shows, by long wait I mean even a 48 hour delay, it's too much to cope with, all that delay. It's a real pet peeve of mine. I think TV shows should be broadcast in all the countries that want them on the exact same day, but that's just wishful TV scheduling...it only rarely happens...ugh.

Enjoy all the shows you love this week! Have a fantastic time! Personally, I can't wait for Mindhunter, just to name one show. Have fun!

: )

Default avatar cat

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Oct 10, 2017 5:32PM EDT

With that genre description, I'm gonna need to move Dirk Gently to the top of my list!
Great list, scotwot.


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Oct 10, 2017 7:56PM EDT

Flash and Legends. With Supergirl already back, TV is looking darn good.

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Oct 11, 2017 3:15PM EDT

Domo origato Mr. Roboto! Season 3---alright!

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Oct 11, 2017 5:15PM EDT

Quite a premiere week! I already saw Legends of Tomorrow (looking good) and The Flash (looking not bad ;-). Looking forward to Mr. Robot (tech accurate) and Dirk Gently's (cult crazy). Curious about Mind Hunter and Lore. Might try season 2 of Shannara Chronicles. (I thought it fell apart as the season wore on (ymmv), but maybe I'll find s2 an improvement.)

I couldn't get into Riverdale, but I'm a fan of the darkish/serious Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics, which is coming to CW 2018-2019(!!). A very long wait, though.

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Oct 13, 2017 1:10AM EDT


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Oct 16, 2017 1:20PM EDT

Crazy Ex Girlfriend doesn't get enough love. I also ignored it for years, and was so happy to finally give it a chance. It is a really entertaining show, with good writing and catchy songs.

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Oct 16, 2017 4:08PM EDT

Thank you all for commenting! Knowing that it's not just me who's so enthusiastic about new shows and established shows coming back makes writing about them an absolute joy. Your comments are fab and I love reading them all!

@Old_Maid - this was certainly your week, I hope you are enjoying all of your shows! ♥

@visidereel - you can thank @ZaneAppeal for the genre descriptions, I swear, Dirk Gently fits into every single genre I've ever read. The show is good and the books are amazing. Bart Curlish, OMG! Have fun! : D

@kaidenlaw - enjoy Mr. Robot! Yep, we got that pesky spammer. : )

@Arkham Native - yep, quite a week. Glad to see another fan of Dirk Gently, here! : ) I couldn't really identify with any of the characters in Riverdale but am blaming that on not having read the comics. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina sounds great, I'll try and find the comic books, we've got a great vintage and up-to-date comic book store in town. That is a very, very long time to wait for a show to air. Reminds me of when I heard Michael Connelly was making Bosch into a tv show and it took about 18 months for it to air. Now, in my top 5 shows. Thanks again for all your great comments! : )

@ZaneAppeal - Rachel Bloom does not get enough praise for both brilliant acting and pitch perfect singing. I also avoided it until someone talked me into watching the Pilot and then I was hooked. She just knocks it out of the park, every single time!

My find of the week was Mindhunter, my new favorite show. That said, I need a comedy or something simple to watch after I've binge watched three or so eps, just to lighten my mood. Deep and psychological and not done in a gory way, I appreciate that very much. It's also far more humorous that I expected, the looks the two agents give each other and the comments. lol

Thanks again, all! You rock!

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Oct 18, 2017 1:04AM EDT

Big mouth is a new cartoon comedy on Netfix that was pretty good. I think it's made by Nick Kroll, from the League, and the Kroll show.

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