Trailer Park: RomComs

You all have an assignment.

Watch the trailers for the following upcoming 2009 romantic comedies - if you have not already seen them:

Bride Wars - Releases January 9th

New in Town - Releases January 30th

Confessions of a Shopaholic - Releases February 13th

The Ugly Truth - Releases April 3rd

The Proposal - Releases June 12th

All are embedded near the top of their respective pages under the "Featured Trailer" section.

Then, in comments, rank the movies in terms of how good they look/excited you are to see them.

My order is as follows (from worst to best):

5. Bride Wars - I like both leading actresses, but the concept of lifelong best friends that try to sabotage each others' weddings is not only implausible, but kind of depressing.

4. New in Town - Renee Zellweger is starting to lack that leading romantic comedy charm, in my eyes, and the "midwest is cold/icky" humor strikes me as a little thin.

3. The Ugly Truth - This movie strikes me as average, thus landing in the middle of my list. Nothing more than a hybrid of previous RomComs (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Someone Like You come to mind), this movie strikes me as inoffensive, but nothing special (kind of how I feel about Katherine Heigl in general).

2. Confessions of a Shopaholic - I was skeptical that a movie about a girl that likes to shop might lack substance, but the trailer actually makes me chuckle. The movie looks pretty charming and they kind had me at their tagline of, "All she ever wanted was a little credit."

1. The Proposal - Too bad that this one isn't coming until June, because it appears to have all of the ingredients for a successful RomCom. Attractive and charming leads, cute plot, sure-to-be-included Canada and Alaska jokes, a good supporting cast (Betty White, Oscar from The Office, etc.), need I go on?

So now it's your turn. Rank 'em and discuss!


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Jan 2, 2009 7:56PM EST

5. Bride Wars - Can we say easy money for a couple of stars? Bah. This looks cute-ish, but definitely incredibly predictable and without nearly enough laughs or sweetness.
4. The Ugly Truth - I think Katherine Heigl lost a little bit of charm somewhere in her massive requests of her Grey's Anatomy contract. 27 Dresses was cute, and this looks okay as well, but I think she's somehow missing the mark on the right movie parts... she screams romantic comedy, but it doesn't seem she's quite as charming in them as I want her to be.
3. New in Town - I expected to hate the looks of this one, but growing up in the freezing Chicago suburbs, I laughed more than I should've at this trailer... but I do have to agree that Renee is pushing it with trying to keep those cutesy roles.
2. Confessions of a Shopaholic - Uptown Girls and Clueless come to mind here. If this weren't Amy Adams, I would say this was a no for me as the plot looks pretty lacking, but there has to be a reason she's in this one, so hopefully there's more fun and the proper amount of depth that I would expect from this risen star.
1. The Proposal - I don't think I'll love this one, but I was reasonably won over by the end of the trailer. It's weird to have Sandra Bullock as the cold businesswoman instead of the very endearing misguided woman, but I think her charm and funny is still shining through to the right degree, and to my surprise, I actually like the awkward chemistry between Sandra and Ryan Reynolds.

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