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Character Background

Is Blair Waldorf the Upper East Side's biggest bitch...or is she just a victim of the harsh life that is NYC's Upper East Side? In the pilot episode of Gossip Girl, we learn that Blair's longtime boyfriend Nate Archibald cheated on her with her best friend, Serena van der Woodsen, so Blair's early cattiness does seem justified. Furthermore, we see that Blair struggles for her own mother's - designer Eleanor Waldorf - acceptance, who frequently shows more interest in Blair's frenemies (Serena and Jenny Humphrey) then in Blair herself. Blair argues that she has worked hard for everything she has acquired in her life.

Since splitting with Nate, Blair seems to have focused her energies primarily on 1) maintaining her social Queen Bee status and 2) attending Yale University. We've also seen glimpses of heart and humanity from Blair, particularly when it comes to her on/off love affair with bad boy, Chuck Bass.

Fav Quotes

Serena: Look, I'm really sorry but this date is unbreakable. Maybe we can swing by later or something.

Blair: I'm not a stop along the way. I'm a destination.

1.5 - Dare Devil

But your hair looks disgusting. Did you even shower? - 1.14, The Blair Bitch Project

Whoever said that money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop. - 1.16, All About My Brother

Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here. Have fun at reform school. - 1.18, Much 'I Do' About Nothing

Damn that Motherchucker! - 2.1, Summer, Kind of Wonderful

I'm sick of always looking like Darth Vader next to Sunshine Barbie. Life's too short. And you make it feel so long. - 2.6, New Haven Can Wait

I have an itch that only Chuck can scratch and he won't oblige unless I tell him I love him. - 2.8, Pret-a-Poor-J

It's so hard finding obedient minions. - 2.15, Gone With the Will

Witch hunts are my valium, Serena. I'm just trying to stay calm. - 2.16, You've Got Yale

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Plaid, piped blazers, ponchos, bows, headbands and sweater vests...oh my! Style-wise, Blair is the preppiest and most polished dresser you could fathom. When she dresses up for nighttime events, her polished style carries over; Blair chooses both classy and classic evening ware. Sometimes cute, sometimes over the top, there's no doubt that Blair has a signature style!

Fav Love Interest

We never would have rooted for Chuck and Blair (Bluck) in Gossip Girl's earlier days, but it has become evident as the show has progressed that these two crazy kids are meant for each other - more so than Blair and Nate ever were. Chuck and Blair care for one another deeply...if only the timing would work out!

Juiciest Gossip Girl Scandal do we choose? Learning that her new boy-toy Marcus was sleeping with his stepmother Catherine (who, incidentally, Nate was also sleeping with)? Bribing her way into a dinner with Yale's elite? Nah. I'm going to have to go with the classic Season 1 occurrence of dancing in lingerie at Chuck's burlesque club, which segued into losing her virginity to Chuck in the back of his limo...only to finally sleep with Nate days later.

What are your favs for Blair?


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Mar 13, 2009 4:01AM EDT

Fav Blair Moments:
- revealing that J's boyfriend was gay and essentially taking back her queen title- the cat fight between her and Serena! where you hear "ow my headband"
<3 <3 <3

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