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So many things went wrong in this pilot i don't even know which to talk about first.
I'm going to start out with things that i was ok with. Female version of sherlock, that's fine. Lame trope that the nerdy guy with eventually be with the girl, fine.

Things that where annoying/poorly done:
The amount of times they said Temporal Dysplasia, yeah we get it. Also it apparently gives you the ability to slow down time like the matrix?? ok.

The whole thing was way too rushed! They didn't give the right intro to the character!

They gave us a random feud between her roommate to show that she's very smart. Then they brought in her dead dad?? to show us that she feels nothing but they could have don't this in a much less packed way. Then they shove her into some top secret program?

WAY TOO MUCH JUMPING around, plot wise! It felt like the cinematic version of "word vomit" when someone just rambles on with no direction.

The Last Ship

This is what you need to watch if you love apocolyptic shows and are feeling very patriotic. I really enjoy the plot and the cast, and find it a decently believable story. One season in and i just hope they all make it out of this!


I,m not a huge fan of musicals but i love comedies, that being said, the jokes outweigh the singing for me, especially in the second episode. I really think this show will get progressively better as the season progresses.