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'Gossip Girl' and '90210': What am I missing?

After six weeks of silence, Gossip Girl returned last night, and 90210 returns soon after a month of spring break. Oops, that sentence was supposed to end in an exclamation point, because around these parts, that's a big deal. It seems few things get certain EW staffers more excited than the outlandish antics of rich teens. Me, I don't care. And given that Cavemen got better ratings than GG and 90210 combined, I know I'm not alone. What I need is someone to explain it to me. Yes, I am old (30s!), but I will watch teen shows. I love the British series Skins about a group of profane, raunchy, bright, insipid, inspired kids. But for some reason, American shows about rich adolescents don't do it for me anymore. It's probably The O.C. 's fault -- something about that time Seth Cohen sailed away to Portland still doesn't sit right. And it's true, I haven't given GG or 90210 much of a chance. So I'm asking for help. Please tell me: What makes these shows so compulsively, compellingly watchable? Is it the writing? Camp factor? The clothes? (Seriously, are they awesome?) What about the irritation quotient? Seeing young, beautiful, rich kids whine for an hour is liable to make me take my shoe off and beat folks with it. And are there those of you who watch one but not the other? Why? Source here

Mischa Barton or AnnaLynne McCord: Who has Top CW Beast potential?

Let's be honest: No one missed Mischa Barton (left) when she exited Fox's The O.C. in a tragic, fiery fashion back in 2006. The girl can hardly act and she talks funny, too. (Maybe it's the fact that she grew up in London?) But this spring pilot season, there'd been much buzz about her possibly splashing back onto the TV scene -- on The CW 's buzzy Melrose Place , no less. Which, truly, made the possibility of what's sure to be another heinous remake totally awesome. Because, we watch -- okay, maybe it's just me -- someone like Mischa Barton explicitly for total trainwreck factor: How ridiculous is she going to be? Can she actually shed a real tear? Is it possible that she could purse her lips any further? There is little else that is redeeming about her besides answering these queries while watching her on screen. But now, just as the news comes out that Barton's been cast in a different CW pilot, A Beautiful Life, I couldn't care less. (Total zzzzz.) Why? Because I've just recently moved on to another beast on The CW: The delectable, delightful, delovely AnnaLynne McCord (right). The diva rules all the beeyotches over at 90210 and is approximately 10 times more beastly than Mischa Barton ever was. Let me explain: AnnaLynne McCord is awesome basically for her out-of-control nature on 90210: If her Naomi character isn't lounging around the pool at her hotel residence (yes, she lives in a hotel!) or sending bottles of champagne to underage bartenders or making out with boys as they press up against a locker, she's doing something even more heinous -- like yelling at her equally as terrible mother. And then, there are these more personal reasons to obsess over AnnaLynne McCord, too: She loves bananas. She knows how to work angles when she gets in car wrecks. Hell, she wears ugly tights with flip flops! I've seen the next new episode of 90210 (which airs March 31), and it is BEYOND. In the best way ever. I can't go into too many details (don't want to spoil it!), but let's just say it includes a too-too long (and too-too awesome) makeout sesh (which also includes -- yes! -- a banana), a drag racing sequence, and a broken car window. And AnnaLynne McCord, of course! Are you infatuated with AnnaLynne too? Are you still watching her terrorize 90210? And burning question: Who is beastlier -- Mischa Barton or AnnaLynne McCord? Source here

whats happenin?

so when are the new episodes going to be abck on air? it's been too long since the last one.

POLL: favorite CW show

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Who's sick of Audirana's crap?

Wow, who is sick of Audriana drama yet? If you've seen the previews for episode 13, lo and behold, its chalk full of predictable BS and Audirana drama. I'm getting sick of it. Let's consider she isn't the most attractive face to have to stare at constantly, her acting is mediocre at best, and her face has two settings: flushed and depressed. Let's just... stop with her crap, move on, introduce more characters, I don't care, just anything but more of her issues.


hey I live in England and 90210 is starting at the end of this month. I started watching the old seasons on dvd. If I watch 90210 will i need to know what has happened in the old show? Will it spoil the reast of it? if you can reply it would be greatly appreciated vix ps i have finnished watching season 3 so am really behind lol thanks xxxxx

No more????

Are more episodes gonna be aired????

Is 90210 over or something?

People say it's coming back in January but I did hear that's it's over forever. Was it because of thanksgiving that we missed ep.12? You see I live in Canada and in the U.K or U.S thanksgiving is on a different day. So please, is 90210 coming back in January? And if it is why till January and why did it stop now?

So Now we are comparing Gossip Girl and 90210...

Most ppl like Gossip girl better then 90210 && yes Gossip girl has more drama and it has Chuck and Blair... But I think that 90210 is great in its own special way too. The teacher and the counselor are a sad love story and so is Lily and Rufus in Gossip Girl.. So I like them both the same because they both, I think, are great shows. They have their twist, drama and all the rest the goes with it. What do you guys say? Gossip Girl & 90210 .. 50/50 Or Gossip Girl is better to the max 90210 is better OR Just No comparison..They are just great shows

CW website not very good

This didn't hit me today. I've been noticing for a while now. What is up with the CW GG blog? CW is Crapping it up, lately. They keep updating the main page but nobody ever updates the bio pages! And what is up with not giving Blair a bio pg. at all... READ FULL ARTICLE