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90210 'That Which We Destroy': Who is this "Prodigal Son?"

*"That Which We Destroy" Spoilers Included!* 90210 got very interesting this week! Not that it isn't always full of secrets (like the Mean Girls ' hair), and packed with tasty drama, but probably because 90210 is taking a short holiday break, it brought up some extra juicy tidbits, and then left us with one big question I'm dying for the answer to: Who is this prodigal son, Sean? It seemed as if he was just meant to create some drama between Harry and Naomi's mom Tracy, and also to fit nicely into the drama between Naomi and Annie. But after we spent an episode with this charming Sean, it was revealed right at the end, after a whole hour of his Southern charm and easy guest appearance out of having to report for duty, that Sean has a whole lot more up his sleeves than military badges! We saw Sean not jealous of all the sweet family hugs at the end of the episode, but instead call up some mystery person to tell him/her, in a non-Southern accent, that he's settling right on in there... so what does this mean?? Is he setting up to do something like rob the family? Is he looking for information on one of them? What could possibly be going on?? Unfortunately, we have to wait until December 6th to find out, but in the meantime, what are your predictions? Photo courtesy of cwtv.com

POLL: Would You Eat at the Peach Pit?

Is The Peach Pit a place you would hang out at if you were able to? Be sure to vote and comment too!

Who are the breakout stars of 2008?

EW has assembled a list of the: 10 Breakout Stars of 2008 It includes actors and musicians- Robert Pattinson (who until reading this article it totally slipped me by that he too played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter films) Demi Lovato Russell Brand Estelle Shailene Woodley David Cook Tristan Wilds Kat Dennings Chelsea Handler Angel (chihuahua from Beverly Hills Chihuahua) Who else do you think belongs on this list as a breakout star of the year?

SOund Check!!!?!?!?

Does anyone elses sound not work on any of the Sites???

90210 'Games People Play': And the Winner Is?

*Spoiler included for "Games People Play"* Well, it's about time, 90210 . For goodness sake, get dramatic already. Okay, so 90210 has been fantasically teen-dramatastic since it began, but this week's "Games People Play" brought the kind of drama real high schoolers actually experience... and then some! Most high schoolers don't experience their new friend who's found out they're with her ex then flying in their ex just to mess with their head and make out with him... yeah, I'm confused. But oh, what a joyous average high school experience it is to screw over a friend over a guy, get screwed over by a friend for a guy, and not realize what a gigantic mess of hurting everyone you've gotten into until far too late... but luckily for the likes of Naomi and Annie, right when they were realizing how hurt they were and how much they actually hurt each other, their shared estranged brother showed up! But hot brother drama aside, what did you think of Naomi's little birthday games? Did Annie deserve everything she got? Can they call it even after a little more reasonable discussion, or should we declare a winner and call it over, or does this mean all-out war? Photo courtesy of cwtv.com

What next?

Just when I thought the cw was running out of ideas they prove me right. This show could be worse but not by much.

Discuss: Favorite New Show of the Season

As I watched last night's new episode of True Blood (check out the Kendra's review of the episode here )!, it occurred to me that this is one of the few new shows of the new season that I really, truly, like. In fact, I'd say it's my favorite new show of the season! It's quite original - I feel like there's nothing else on TV quite like it (whereas even if you are a fan of Fringe ...there's also Eleventh Hour ). The world that Alan Ball is portraying here is so twisted and fascinating (and at times grotesque)...that I really can't stop watching! It's the only new show that has fully drawn me in. So...my question to you all is...which new show has done it for you? Which new show do you most look forward to the next new episode? You can check out our New TV Shows Page to see the complete list, but some options include: True Blood The Mentalist Fringe 90210 Privileged Sons of Anarchy Kath and Kim My Own Worst Enemy Crusoe Life on Mars Eleventh Hour Gary Unmarried Discuss!

90210 and now Melrose!

Ok, so don't get me started. First they re-do the O.C and call it Gossip Girl. Then they re-do Beverly Hills 90210 and call it 90210. Apparently it did well enough for CW to want to clone Melrose Place now too. Personally, I love seeing old shows from my youth re-done. But it got me wondering: is it healthy for teenagers to have all these regurgitated shows? Don't they need their own identity? what do you think? Read more

90210 Vs. Gossip Girl

I am a HUGE Gossip Girl fan, and when I first heard about the new 90210 I was excited. I mean it was going to be a big call to say that 90210 would be anywhere near as good as GG. But I thought, it would be a nice break along the looong week wait for a new GG ep. Although I've come to notice that while I watch 90210 I always find myself easily distracted, even during the big emotional love confession and montage of kisses . It's harsh, but I was even unmoved by the tear-filled reunion between Naomi and Adrianna. And I can't quite put my finger on why? Is it the acting? The script? Storyline? Because one this is for sure, during GG Chace Crawford could knock on my door and I would tell him to come back when I finished watching the episode. Though if he knocked during 90210...

naveed is such a hottie

soooo who else thinks Naveed is uber cute!!! =) and this new guy...ozzy...*sigh*