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Shenae Grimes

Watching the last episode made me think that Shenae seems just too preppy expecially when talking to that new girl but when she was like ignoring the new girl she seemed more real. What do you all think? Is she too preppy when it comes to acting?

90210: Did you like the serious turn in 'Hollywood Forever?'

On 90210 's new 'Hollywood Forever,' the drama took a serious and intriguing turn! The show was walking on the edge of after-school-special with the sex issue for Annie a few episodes ago, but I felt like it was far from typical or preachy when it came to dealing with Adrianna's drug issue tonight. While I do like Naomi, I loved seeing little rich girl hit the wall of what daddy can get her out of, even when she was covering for Adrianna by taking the blame for her drugs. I also loved (in a shocking, terrible, but well done sort of way) the final scene of Naomi leaving Adrianna a harsh voicemail for leaving her high and dry while Adrianna was passed out from overdosing - leaving us with Naomi's "you're dead to me," just as the medics stuck a needle in Adrianna's chest, unsure if she's saved. So not all of this is entirely avoiding the drug drama cliches, but I think in the context of the show, it was all done well and in a way that left me dying to know what happens next, so I'd say mission accomplished! Did you like the way this all played out or did you feel it was over or under-dramatized? Photo courtesy of TVGuide.com

Male Actors

Lately, I've been really judgmental of new series because of the paper-thin pretty boys everyone has been swooning over. I definitely appreciate the lacrosse team on this show. Finally, a change of pace.

School musical

Does anyone know the name of the musical in the first few episodes?

Shenae Grimes Smokes, So Should we Butt Out?

It has been reported that Shenae Grimes Smokes. Grimes has defended smoking as 'her choice' and has not apologized for it. Do you think that as a role-model to teens, the 90210 star should not smoke, or at least not speak apologetically about it? Voice your opinion, let your voice be heard. SEE PHOTOS OF GRIMES' SMOKING

Episode 5 Reveiw.

Episode 5 was just so.... good. I loved it. I can't wait for episode 6 and I can't believe Annie was hurt so badly. Here's a question though. When Adrienne was in the Ty's room where was Ty? Not in the shower and not in the rest of the room. So where was he? The musical was great and the dad being overprotected was funny. Can't wait for ep. 6!

Featured Discussion: 90210 Turned "After School Special" or Finally Realistic?

For a moment, yes... 90210 went a little "after school special" (OMG, Google it!), despite its best efforts to point out how embarrassing and silly sex talks and all those other wholesome lessons are. But just as I was rolling my eyes at the CW-ness and slight after school special-ness of this week's episode, I got a nice surprise! The good girl didn't just decide she was better than having sex with the first guy who tried - she actually started to go for it, only to discover an evil b*tch in her place. 90210 drama - yes, 90210 lesson learning - also yes. But then even after this nice little bit of drama, for the first time since their arrival in this alternate universe of a zip code, one of these Kansas-grown kids freaked out about the outrageous Beverly Hills life - thank you! I found Annie's revelations and then emotional break-down at home the most real 90210 moments yet. Do you agree or did Annie's sex talk/sex disaster experience remain too "good girl does the right thing" to you? Photo courtesy of TVGuide.com

Who's Kelly's Childs Father?!

Until she says that Dylan is the father, then Ill believe it! All the hints say that the father is Brandon. Watch the clip from the episode The Bubble and leave a comment with what you think! Watch the clip from the Episode, The Bubble!

Anyone else likes Ty Collins?

Well, I hope I'm not alone here, but is there anyone else who likes Ty? At first, he did seem like the typical rich boy type but he also seems to genuinely like Annie. He's probably not as compatible with Annie as Ethan, but those two will defnitely get together sometime in the future, so at the moment, I'm in full support of Annie's and Ty's relationship. It'd be great if the writers could give Ty more layers to his character so he doesn't seem like just this perfect, slightly arrogant, rich boy, and instead, a little bit more human? Oh and not to mention, Ty is just really, really nice to look at.

90.210...lbs? - Are the Beverly Hills Girls Too Thin?

90210 has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and not necessarily the good kind. People have been chatting about this since the show's premiere a few weeks ago, but the gossip surrounding the extreme skinniness of the show's stars - particularly Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup - has magnified. An US weekly article - found here - claims that a weight management expert estimates that Grimes weighs around 90 pounds (at 5 foot 3) and Stroup weighs around 100-105 (at 5 foot 8). More concerning is that sources claim that the stars have been progressively losing weight. Check out some older and newer photos of the two girls: There's no denying that these girls are...shrinking. So what do you think? Too skinny or just a part of the Hollywood life?