Adventures of The Flying Cadets is a serial adventure set in World War II, told in thirteen episodes of action and intrigue. Danny Collins (Johnny Downs), 'Jinx' Roberts (Bobby Jordan), 'Scrapper' McKay (Ward Wood), and 'Zombie' Parker (Billy Benedict), are four promising young cadets training as U.S. army pilots. But when a mysterious Nazi spy known only as The Black Hangman frames the cadets for a series of murders, the cadets must become fugitives to prove their innocence and capture the real villain. Pursued by Army Capt. Ralph Carson (Regis Toomey), the search for the real Black Hangman will take the cadets from the Army airfields to the jungles of Africa, with Capt. Carson hot on their heels. Once there, the cadets must find the lost city of Ankaban, capture the real Black Hangman and rescue his prisoners: their friend Prof. Mason (Selmer Jackson) and his beautiful daughter, Andre (Jennifer Holt).

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