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I would have to agree with you, after watching last night I think that Casey is going home... I love Crystal Bowersox and I hope she wins and takes it all. I love Idol and my wife and I can sit there watch it and get goosebumps over who is singing awesome so, GOOOOOOOOOOO MAMA SOX

American Idol Season 10 Top 9: Is "Elvis Week" a Recipe for Disaster?

Sorry, I should have made my title more specific. By "Top 9" I meant the second edition of the Top 9, due to last week's unexpected whip-out of the save. Yay for Big Mike, boo for us having to endure another one of "Teflon Tim" Urban's awkwardly terribly performances. That cat really does have nine lives, that's for sure. Well, if we're lucky, something painfully campy like "Hound Dog" will be his swan song, if you're not blinded by his horrific attempts at hip-swiveling in the process. Oh, have I mentioned that it's ELVIS WEEK on American Idol ? FML. Tonight, the contestants will be mentored by last-season alum and runner-up Adam Lambert, who aside from his black hair and affinity for rhinestoned suits is a far cry from Elvis... Though I guess if Jamie Foxx is qualified to school singers on the Rat Pack, anything goes. While no one can deny that Adam knows the value of performance (and shock) value, I'm just not convinced he'll be able to infuse a little Glambert-style drama into anyone except for maybe Siobhan, whose knack for screaming high-notes he certainly shares. As for the others, they're either already set in their solid performance ways (Crystal, Casey) and will have to come up with a super-original arrangement to somehow adapt Elvis to their musical style, or are still too confused about their identity as an artist to have the confidence to pull off Elvis without looking like a total poser (Katie, Aaron). I guess such creative obstacles are the point of the show at this stage of the game. However, in past seasons , in which the contestants were far more impressive as a whole, a seemingly far-fetched theme would've served to make things more interesting. The exceedingly amazing performers who would still be left at this point in the competition would then be forced to go above and beyond their comfort zones, producing even more impressive vocals they didn't even know they were capable of until confronted with the obstacle of such a difficult theme. Instead, based on the progress of the current season at hand, tonight's Elvis-themed episode will likely be another 90 minutes of boring performances (save for the handful that might actually pull it off) made borderline painful by a theme that right off the bat is screaming "singing suicide." Am I being too evil? I hate to be a pessimist (not really), but I can already hear Randy's broken-record commentary of "It wasn't good for me, dawg," or Kara's confused "I wish you had just performed 'Straight Up' by Paula Abdul." As for Simon, he's not feeling any of it. I already know. I don't think you really need Raven-style powers of clairvoyance to foresee the disasters that are likely coming our way. Dear Crystal Bowersox, Sioban Magnus, and Lee DeWyze: please rise above. Love, your-unenthusiastic-but-nevertheless-avid-watcher-fan, Alex. Do you think one of the Top 9 contestants has a shot at kicking ass at Elvis Week? Or will they all crash and burn?!

American Idol Season 9, Top 10: Who Will Rock R&B Week?

Last week, when I was knocked off my feet (and utterly appalled) with the news that Miley Cyrus was mentoring the 11 finalists (and even worse -- performing ) on American Idol , my first thought was: WTF? Who next, Justin Bieber?! ...Well, I was almost right. Justin Bieber is performing on Wednesday's results show (I'm not gonna front, I'm a little excited), while his own real-life mentor Usher is coaching the Top 10 contestants in their R&B song selections for the week, starting with tonight's performance round at 8/7c on Fox. Now let's talk seriously. Personally I'm just hoping this R&B round with serve to "Usher" Tim Urban right out of the competition... but apparently that's just me. Come on , voters! If you want to look at someone cute, google pictures of Taylor Lautner (I can send you my collection if you'd like), but if you want to watch a good vocal performance, stop voting for Tim Urban! Actually, at the rate this lackluster season is going, you might as well just stop watching altogether, but if you're hooked like I am, you know that an attempt to boycott is futile. Anyway, I'm predicting that "I-can-do-everything" Siobhan will figure out a way to rise above, with or without her signature screaming. Oh! And Crystal Bowersox said she had "something up her sleeve" for this upcoming week, so I'm praying she wasn't just saying that to placate us and really wows us like that time she sang "Natural Woman." And while I'm a sometimes-fan of Lee Dewyze, if he performs anything remotely as mind-numbingly overplayed and lame as Owl City's "Fireflies" (WHYYYY did he do that?!), he will officially be banned from my "I Sort Of Like You" List. Banned! And maybe Andrew Garcia will just sing his magically acoustic rendition of "Straight Up" again. I mean, that's all that ever comes out of the judges' mouths any time he performs. Might as well give them what they want! Who do you think will perform best this week? Is R&B week going to be just as disastrous as Disco week is every season? Are you only watching to see Justin Bieber? Be honest. Tell me your thoughts on tonight's upcoming episode in comments!

AI's Todrick Hall on Glee?

In this Curtain Call after his elimination on American Idol, Todrick Hall says that he would love to be on Glee (since he is an amazing dancer a good enough singer - autotune can fix that!) We just have to see if he's got the acting talent... Would you like to see Todrick Hall on Glee? Afterall, his arrangement to "Somebody to love" on American Idol did seem very similar to Glee's version and that was the performance that got him the most praise from the judges! ( Watch the Curtain Call here :

SideReel: This Week in TV - 1.10.2010 (Giveaway Closed)

Kendra and Rachel are back! But more importantly, so is the show that many of you have been waiting for... Chuck ! In this week's all new episode of "This Week in TV", Kendra and Rachel discuss what's on this week with a special focus on the 2 night Chuck premiere (Sunday and Monday on NBC)! Be sure to watch until the end to learn about how to enter an exciting Chuck giveaway! (Giveaway now closed!) Watch it now: SideReel's This Week in TV (1/10/10) You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. We'd love to hear your comments, questions, and feedback about the week in TV, SideReel's new video podcasts, and whatever else you have to say, so leave it all in the comments below!

Discuss: Ellen as the New Idol Judge? - Featured

If you hadn't already heard, yesterday comedian and talk-show host Ellen Degeneres was named the new, 4th permanent judge on American Idol , replacing Paula Abdul. Ellen announced this news on her talk show Wednesday. Ellen appeared as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance earlier this summer. Personally, I wasn't impressed with her performance as a judge on that show, but then again, that was her first attempt at the gig. Do you think Ellen will work as a replacement for Abdul? Source

Result: Why Kris and not Adam

I'm a big fan of Adam and I think that he has a great voice, but for those who are still wondering, I'm pretty sure that his sexuality was never an issue. Even though I still hoping tonight that Adam would win, after Tuesday night's performances, it was almost too predictable. If you listen to what Simon said, Kris beat Adam that night and won two of the three rounds. Also, I think it's important to note that American Idol is all about discovering the underdog and giving him a fighting chance. Their goal is to provide as much support around the guy who wouldn't have a good chance at a record deal otherwise. Adam always had a good chance. From the beginning when he first came on Idol, everybody said that he didn't need to win. He could have been booted after round one and still gotten the record deal. Kris's voice is more relratable, more modern, more soft, and well it's kind of voice that you would listen to on your ipod while driving hour after hour. Also, his voice is great for collaboration and direction. His voice is similar to so many artists already out there. Adam would be harder to promote and collaborate with because there is not so many big artists who have that range. His voice is super unique and comes once in a decade. He is a super rock star and is in a league of his own. The modern trend right now in music is with Kris, more ballad pop music, which is what Kris is good at. Idol was never looking for someone better than ever, just another big singer and that was Kris. Either way, I think Adam will be the one to sell more records first and make it into hall of fame mainly because he is so unique and can take any song and make it his own.

The Winner [spoiler]

Ok the guy with the Hot Wife won. I think his name is kris. And the other one obviously didn't. I have heard a lot of rumors on the internet and I'm wondering what you ppl think. Did Adam loose because he maybe gay?

anybody else really pissed off?

So many shows are ending on huge cliffhangers like this one. I don't know where they plan to go after this season, but its not looking good. booths hallucinations are just like house's, they think its fine and it turns out to be much more serious. i hate where this last episode ended. no spoilers, just in case, but it was terrible. and if anybody watches castle....totally shameless cliffhanger. its getting ridiculous. the only shows i can rely on not to do that are reality shows, and that's just sad. (american idol though- yeah adam!) i'm just really scared about where all these shows are heading. it all seems to be going sadly downhill. hallucinations, really? get some new material. and the twist in booth's last sentence after the surgery....that is so old too! it's just getting annoying.

It was a mistake

Come on ppl what is wrong with you guys. You know The wrong person went home this week. Thats it, I'm done. I just don't know with who? The show, or you ppl.