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Mikalah Gordon Chat on Fancast Tonight

Hi All! Just wanted to let you know that tonight's guest on Fancast's Watch Idol with an Idol chat is season 4's Mikalah Gordon. The chat starts at 8pm PST. Hope you can make it!

Top 12?

They are 13 this season! :)

Do You Think the American Idol Voting System Is Fair?

Yo, dawgs! Tuesday marks the beginning of the voting rounds on American Idol, with the first of three groups of 12 performers taking the stage. (The first group is Alexis Grace, Brent Keith, Ann Marie Boskovich, Casey Carlson, Danny Gokey, Jackie Tohn, Michael Sarver, Ricky Braddy, Stephen Fowler, Stevie Wright and Tatiana Del Toro.) Unlike in past years, nine of these contestants will be eliminated in one fell swoop on Wednesday evening. This first group has several familiar faces, but what about the many we've haven't heard or seen much of during auditions or Hollywood Week? Is it fair to lose so many singers based on one performance? Did you like last year's system better? Source here

Norman Gentle

Everyone needs to vote for Norm...The judges kept him around for so long for no reason now we should vote him the winner.

Idol Fans: What Do You Think of Kara So Far?

American Idol 's new fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi, has made it through her first year of auditions and the first part of Hollywood week. She's survived challenges from Simon Cowell and Bikini Girl and a (hopefully fake) kiss from Paula Abdul, and she's fought for some singers she really likes while ridiculing others under her breath. I'll be curious to see how Kara fares once the singers start performing live and she has to utter her judgments on the spot. But it seems like we've already gotten a pretty good look at what she brings to the table. So tell me, Idol fans: How do you think the big fourth-judge experiment is working out? Source here

Featured Discussion - Do You Still Find Idol Exciting?

Since 27 million people watched American Idol last night, clearly many of you will be answering yes to the question I posed above, but I thought I'd better ask. You see, I watched my first episode of Idol in quite a few seasons last week - the San Francisco auditions - and I could not have been more underwhelmed. Was it an off night? Or have all of the auditions played out like SF? My biggest complaints: -This is not Oprah. I feel for the sob stories of people with dying grandmothers and 5 children, but I really don't believe that people should get through to Hollywood on a pity vote, and I witnessed this repeatedly. It is reasons like this that I love a different FOX reality show - So You Think You Can Dance . On that show, they'll show you the sob stories, but won't just blindly let people through because they feel badly for their situation if they aren't deserving (incidentally, this occurred with an actual blind girl last season). -Ryan Seacrest was almost a non-presence. Again, maybe he was having an off night or maybe he really is overextended with the 20 entertainment-related programs (including radio) that he is now associated with. Seacrest was tired and unenthused and the feeling wore off on me. -I hated the dynamic that having 4 judges created. For one, it contributed to undeserving people getting through to Hollywood as when there was a 2/2 spilt this counted as a "yes". Secondly, if 3 voted yes then the 4th judge's opinion became irrelevant. I also already could not deal with the simulated Paula/Simon fighting, and it seemed like adding Kara will only give Simon another woman to faux-fight with. -Seriously, where was the talent? I saw nobody of note. So, am I totally wrong here? Was SF just an off night? Have you still been digging the 20 audition episodes of Idol this season? Are you still even watching?

American Idol Is Back - Featured

I know this will sound a little doomsday-ish of me, but lately it's hard to shake the feeling that each new season could potentially be American Idol 's last. There's always some foreboding sign that the end is near: bad ratings buzz (though even when it's down, it's still been bigger than anything else on TV), rumors that Paula has totally lost her mind is leaving the show, the departure of executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, the simple fact that few shows ever go beyond eight seasons, etc. So I'm greeting tonight's return of Idol with joy and relief. The Idol powers that be are always promising improvements, but this year a lot of things are being changed up, including a return to the wild card round, a longer Hollywood Week, and adding a new fourth judge. It seems to me that if these things don't make the this-could-be-the-end vibes go away, nothing will, so I'm curious to see how it turns out. Are you ready for a new season of American Idol? Do you think a fourth judge will make a difference? What part of the show are you most looking forward to? I personally want to see if any of the San Francisco hopefuls I hung out with make it on the air! Source here


Thank you sooooo much for telling us who the winner was in the Title before we even watched it!!! You should really rename the Final Episode but I guess it doesn't matter now!!!! Thanks again for ruining it for us!!!!

American Idol: Did the Right David Win?

EW caught up with both of American Idol 's Davids to chat about On tonight's exciting and extremely, ridiculously drawn out 2-hour American Idol Season 7 finale, we finally got our winner! So now, America (aka SideReel International), we ask you: Did the right David win? In my opinion, absolutely 100%!! But hey, what do I know, I just like David Cook's scruff and that silly thing called talent. What do you think? Should David Archuleta have taken the Idol crown or is David Cook the rightful Season 7 king? Photo courtesy of eonline.com

Idol Gives back

can someone pls add idol gives back?!?! Thanx a mill!!!