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'Archer': Lucky Yates and Amber Nash On Season 6 So Far

Lucky Yates and Amber Nash are so awesome, we had to have them back. The two Archer stars sat down with us last week to give us their thoughts on some of the many crazy plot developments so far in ...   Read More... //

Archer 6x09 - Promo "Pocket Listing"

Slater has the gang swindle the Durhani royal family and Gillette lends a hand. Airs Thursday March 05 on FX.

Archer 6x08 - Promo "The Kanes"

Lana introduces Archer to her parents; Archer introduces Lana's parents to high-speed chases. Airs Thursday Feb. 26 on FX.

Archer - 6x06 - Promo "Sitting"

Archer's first weekend alone with baby AJ is soiled by a Pakistani intelligence officer. Airs Thursday Feb. 12 on FX.

Archer - 6x05 | Promo "Vision Quest"

The gang gets to work early so they can spend some quality time together. Airs Thursday Feb. 05 on FX.

Archer Season 6 Episode 4 - Edie's Wedding Preview

Pam takes Archer to her sister's wedding but gets side-tracked with technical difficulties.  Airs January 29 at 10:00 PM on FX. Preview:  

'Archer' Season 6: Judy Greer Talks Cheryl After Cherlene

Season six of Archer means that Cheryl/Carol is back to being just your regular, garden variety...horribly inept, mentally disturbed executive assistant. She may have left her country music career ... //

Archer Season 6 Episode 3 The Archer Sanction

Archer season 6 episode 3 The Archer Sanction airs Thursday, January 22, 10:00 PM e/p on FX. In tonights episode, Archer, Lana and Ray climb their way to the top of an assassins hit list. Show Summary: Rakish and reckless, suave and sarcastic, Sterling Archer (Codename: Duchess) is the worlds greatest secret agent. According to [] //

Archer Forces Conan OBrien Into Animated High-Speed Shootout (Video)

Things took a turn for the weird Tuesday night as a segment of TBSs Conan turned into a scene from FXs animated Archer. To set it up, Conan OBrien announced that he would be interviewing H. Jon Benjamins lead character in the spy comedy, Sterling Archer. Instead, he got a phone call beckoning him outside. When OBrien stepped outside, he stepped into the animated world of the show created by Adam Reed and right into abarrage of bullets.   Read More... //

'Archer' EP: 10 seasons 'feels like the right number'

"Archer" did a panel presentation for FX day of the 2015 winter TV press tour, and interspersed with the cast members riffing and giggling amongst themselves, there was time to get a few juicy tidbits about the show's future. The animated comedy was picked up for Seasons 6 and 7 simultaneously back in March 2014, which executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis tell Zap2it gave them the luxury to make the show look better. The pickup let them know their budget and that they would be keeping their staff together for two years."When you watch this season of 'Archer,' you will see a show that just looks better," says Thompson. "You'll see more fluid fights, more fluid animation. In this Thursday's[Jan. 22]episode, there'san avalanche in it ... that's all a direct result of them renewing us for two seasons at a time."RELATED: Archer's a dad, but can he be a daddy?What they haven't done,... //