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Aria: The Origination and Arietta Complete Collection Review

This set brings the Aria franchise to a close as it contains the thirteen episodes of the third season, Origination, as well as the additional OVA Arietta which takes place earlier in the season. Aria has been a fascinating series as it plays both sides of the coin by talking about consistency and change at the same time and how the two relate. This figures heavily into the third season as at its core, Neo Venezia doesn't change all that much while the people within it do. It's difficul to trace the progress of the characters sometimes, especially as the passage of time is hard to isolate at times, but we've seen a lot go on over a period of a couple of years through the seasons and taking it in you realize just how much has changed. When it comes to changes, one of the more drastic ones made to the series is that it's finally in widescreen. While there are some that will tell you that it doesn't really make a difference if a show is full frame or widescreen, the way it can present itself can be quite dramatically different. Aria has looks beautiful from its first frame of the first season but here, with the wider canvas using the generally same overall approach to how the story is framed, it looks even more beautiful. The characters are captured in a way that makes them feel more a part of the world as it's now an expanded world in front of us. The scope of it takes on a larger feel with more water or buildings seen that gives it a much more lived in place. The additional space brings us even lusher sunsets or blue skies. This is a big change to the show and a very welcome one even if it's just at the end. Read More Click Me!