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truTV Orders Season Two of "At Home with Amy Sedaris"

Academy Award(R)-winning production company A24 is on board to produce the sophomore season of the scripted series, which will go into production later this year.   ...Read More... http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2018/04/18/trutv-orders-season-two-of-at-home-with-amy-sedaris-612515/20180418trutv01/

Premieres Guide for 10/23-10/29

Hey there, this week Halloween is in the air, and we have haunted houses, game shows, and comedies, plus mystery and horror from Stranger Things ! Monday 23rd October The Last O.G. (premiere canceled) Comedy Although Tracy Morgan’s new show was due to air this week, the showrunner has left the series and the air date has been pushed back till spring 2018. Drat! Scared Famous (9:00 PM on VH1 ) Reality Pilot. Reality TV stars enter a supposedly cursed house in Savannah, Georgia, and the hysteria begins – that’s only from choosing who gets which bedroom! There is no shortage of screaming on this show - although not about ghosts but who ate all the cereal or who has betrayed them by joining an alliance with someone else. It’s all for a good cause as the winner gets $100,000 for a charity of their choice, but from the trailers it looks unintentionally funny and chaotic. That said, it’s airing around the time of Halloween, so it could have some scary moments, especially with the setting and the challenges everyone has to endure! I really hope it is scary because it’s a good premise for a reality show, although I’d have preferred if it had been regular folks instead of reality TV personalities in the house. Less personal drama, more scares! Tuesday 24th October Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker's Wild (10:00 PM on TBS ) Game show Pilot. "I’m putting the ‘G’ back in game shows!" announces Snoop Dogg to an ecstatic studio audience. Did you like watching The Joker’s Wild when you were growing up? Well, Snoop Dogg enjoyed it so much that he’s taking over the show and giving it his very own spin (pun intended). It’s set in his own casino, complete with slot machines, huge dice to roll and a live studio audience to make the atmosphere even more fun. If you like the immensely likeable Snoop Dogg and game shows, then you are in for a treat! Drop the Mic (10:30 PM on TBS ) Comedy/rap/hip-hop/celebrities Pilot. With Method Man and Hailey Baldwin as hosts, a cheering audience and James Corden as executive producer, this show is perfect, if you love watching two celebrities facing off and rapping smack about one another! If you watch Corden’s late night show, you’ll know this comes from one of his most popular segments. Is there enough here to keep an entire show and season going? There is, as long as they keep booking really great guests stars each week, from all areas of showbiz and sports. At Home With Amy Sedaris (10:30 PM on truTV ) Comedy/Satire Pilot. Rest assured, you will not learn any home-making or hostess skills by watching this show, but you will find yourself in hysterics at all the *unintentional* camera errors, not to mention the mistakes Amy makes along the way. If you’ve ever seen the ‘Official Amy Sedaris’ series on youtube, then you already know what we’re in for with this show - hilarity. Amy Sedaris is brilliant as her anti-Martha Stewart character. Amy thinks she’s great at all this ‘baking, cooking, welcoming guests and comforting grieving mourners’ stuff. Fortunately for all us viewers, she’s terrible at everything and that’s what makes this show so funny. Sedaris plays several characters throughout the show and is joined by lots of A-list guest stars, every week. One to watch! Wednesday 25th October Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television (on YoutubeRed) Police procedural satire, show-within-a-show/breaking the fourth wall Pilot. "Hi, I’m your new partner. Don’t look into the camera, it breaks the mood of the show." So says Ryan Hansen to his new partner a "real detective" investigating a homicide, just as the detective looks right into the camera! Do you love Hill Street Blues , NYPD Blue , all the shows in the Law & Order and Chicago universe? If so, then this show is going to take the mickey out of all of them! Easy, though, it’s done with love; this is a show-within-a-show and the trailers are really funny. Ryan Hansen plays a version of himself: in this show’s world, he’s a Z-lister, known only for countless failed pilot episodes, but in his head he’s a huge star. The premise of this show-within-a-show is the LAPD decided to team celebrities with detectives so the actors can help solve crimes with their acting skills, such as their gift at channeling characters. Obviously, there’s got to be a camera crew following their every move. Hansen’s partner, Mathers (Samira Wiley, OITNB ) cannot understand why her bosses think this is a good idea, especially since Hansen is a complete fool! With guest stars including the hilarious Donald Faison, the truly great Kristen Bell, and the awesome Jon Cryer, this looks extremely funny - the guest actors are happy to be the butt of every joke thrown their way. Watch out for all the inside jokes and easter eggs in each episode. Friday 27th October Stranger Things (on Netflix ) Horror/monsters/telekinesis/1980s The town of Hawkins returns this (almost) Halloween to scare, thrill, delight and remind us all that things that don’t just go bump in the night but also during the day, evening and morning - in the year of 1984! Last year, Stranger Things hit our screens like no other show has done in a very, very long time. It seems that we all love a dose of nostalgia, especially when it’s served up with an exceptional plot, scary monsters, great theme music, and tremendous acting, especially from all of the kids. Let’s not forget the return of Winona Ryder! There are monsters in both human and monster form. The former, strangely enough, are probably even scarier than the monster (almost), as they are amoral scientists who will do absolutely anything to further their hideous research. For those of you who haven’t watched the first season yet, go watch it! But if you need a refresher: a tight-knit group of nerdy boys are drawn into a government-led conspiracy when they hide a mysterious girl from the scientist who has kept her captive all of her life; she has never before been out of a laboratory environment. Add in high school bullies, teenage drama, the horrors of dating (or not) in high school, a mother's desperate search for her missing child, a truly horrific monster, an alternate universe, and you have yourself the hit show of the year! All episodes will air on Friday, beginning at midnight PST. Stay up late, get out the snacks, and heat up the eggos! Blindspot (8:00 PM on NBC ) FBI/anti-terrorism Last season was all about the hunt for Shepherd, her gang of terrorists (including Jane’s brother Roman), and their pet project to destroy the US government. After being abducted and tortured for three months by the CIA, Jane escapes, but Team Weller is reluctant to allow her back. Over the course of the season, Jane re-earned everyone’s trust and helped with the takedown of Shepherd. Unfortunately, Roman escaped, and Jane couldn’t bring herself to shoot her brother, a choice that may come back to haunt her. In the finale, Weller and the team helped stop the overthrow of the government, but only just. In the final moments of the finale, the show flash-forwarded to two years later, with Jane far from home and Weller (wearing a wedding ring!) showing up to ask for her help retrieving the abducted Zapata, Reade, and Patterson. The kidnapper left a box containing a key which reveals a secondary layer of bioluminescent tattoos on Jane’s body. What a cliffhanger! Season 3 will begin moments after season 2 ended, always a good thing! Maybe we’ll get some explanations to all of the burning questions we have. For me, this was one of the most thrilling finales of any show from last season and I can’t wait for the premiere.

TruTV Renews Impractical Jokers, Carbonaro Effect, Orders 5 New Series & More

Turners truTV has unveiled its 2017-18 programming slate, with eight returning series, five new series, and four pilots and projects in development. Included are renewals for Impractical Jokers ( Season 7), The Carbonaro Effect (Season 4) , Jon Glaser Loves Gear (Season 2), Hack My Life (Season 3), and Comedy Knockout (Season 2B). The network also announced new series Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks set to premiere this fall, joining previously announced At Home with Amy Sedaris , ...Read More... //deadline.com/2017/05/trutv-renews-impractical-jokers-carbonaro-effect-2017-18-programming-slate-1202090765/