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Erica's videoblog on http://www.cbc.ca/beingerica/blog/ ?

What do you, guys, think of it? I thought that story line about Vair, wanting her "post-it" book being published and stalking Erica was really funny :)

New Season???

i love this show just finished watchin season 2. will there be a season 3????


Does it take so long for these episodes to come up? It really annoys me, because I find this show really interesting and Dr. Tom is just badass.

surpisingly good

this show is like all mooshy looking for love and emotional shows. you don't wanna watch them and you know that it is bad but then good at the same time and you just can't stop watching.

Don't always trust your personal TV Schedule

I was really upset as I logged in today. None of my shows appeared on my TV Schedule this week. No Being Erica, no Private Practice. Suddenly I went to the official websites of my series and what a relief - they will air this week. So be careful with your personal TV-Schedule: If you trust it too easily, you might miss an episode of your favorite show.