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There are so many channels on television today that you may not have noticed a wonderful little hour drama on SOAPNet called 'Being Erica.' If you like 'Drop Dead Diva.' If you go for the characters on 'Glee.' If you care about stories for women but don't go for the Lifetime TV movies. If you can appreciate the differences between American TV and Canadian TV, 'Being Erica' is for you. Starring Erin Karpluk as Erica Strange, a 32-year-old literary editor and wannabe writer, she's a mass of complications in the tradition of all romantic comedy heroines. But 'Being Erica' has a fun, mystical twist to the standard situations we've seen on other shows before. To Read More Click here .

BEING ERICA Season 2 Premiere

Season 2 of BEING ERICA premieres tomorrow, Wednesday January 20, at 10pm on SOAPnet. I have to admit that I only recently discovered Being Erica and have only seen a few episode, but so far am really liking it. It's just a really fun, relaxing show to watch, and I'm becoming a fan of Erin Karpluk, who's just adorable as Erica. Show Description: When we first met Erica Strange a year ago, she was single, working a dead-end job, and had little hope for the future. A "chance" meeting with the mysterious Dr. Tom altered her life when he began allowing her to travel back in time to make some changes and get a "do-over" with her past regrets. She relived a high school dance, went back to the moment when she lost her virginity, faced off against an intimidating college professor and even revisited her Bat Mitzvah. But when Erica defied Dr. Tom's trust by attempting to change the circumstances surrounding the death of her brother, Leo, she was left at a crossroads, not knowing if she’d ever see her therapist again. Synopsis: In Season Two, Erica is worldlier, more accountable and more experienced in the ways of time travel and therapy. As she continues to move forward in her journey, she will come to understand that changing her life isn't a quick fix. It involves facing an ever-expanding series of challenges. In the premiere, Dr. Naadiah takes over Erica's therapy, sending her back to a bar in 1998, where she meets a younger, troubled Dr. Tom. A glimpse into his past makes Erica realize it's now her turn to lend a helping hand, on the season premiere of "Being Erica," WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20 (10:00 – 11:00 p.m., ET/PT) onSOAPnet.,"Being Dr. Tom" was written by Aaron Martin & Jana Sinyor and directed by Alex Chapple. Source & Promo

S02E01 "Being Dr. Tom" - heads up for the writers, yay!

One of my most awaited fall premieres. And I am glad to say it didn't disappoint me even a notch. And even more than that - it kept me open-mouthed at the edge of my seat right till the end. SPOILER ALERT! Second seasons takes off right where the first one finished. As awaited, Erica refuses to continue her therapy sessions. And, seriously, all the ones who saw Dr. Naadiah and her cold office wouldn't blame her. But in order to stop the sessions Erica has to pay her debt by helping someone. It is only fair considering that this someone is no other than our Dr. Tom who used to be..well, a man with issues. In this episode we do not only discover Dr.Tom's problemed past but we also get to know that there are other people around Erica who visit simmilar therapy sessions only with other therapists. And considering that,I guess, soon everything will become even more twisted. Some reviews I read stated that show is taking us in a new direction but, in my opinion, it's not a new direction we see here - it's a new layer which obviously has at least another one beneath it. Actually reminds me of some Joss Whedon creations - what at first seems silly premise turns into something much deeper and you find yourself fascinated by the depth of a subject which only one season ago seemed totally one-dimensional. What used to be a light comedy with a little "fantasy" element in it is promissing to be something a lot deeper. "I'm your guardian angel." says Erica to Tom Wexlar. "So, where have you been all these years?" is his bitter retort. I just loved the way Dr. Tom was pictured in this episode. Often we see those stereotypical "wise guys" in movies and shows. It seems like they have everything figured out in their own life and know answers to all the questions in the world. And rarely, very rarely we see the human side of the "wise man" because by the laws of cinematography it will destroy the magic. "Being Erica" reminds us that "wise men" are people too by mentally stripping Dr.Tom in front of Erica and us - viewers. And I thank this show for that, as well as I thank it for qouting A. Einstein "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Because this is true even when you're so messed up that you're about to jump off the roof. Dealing with time traveling "Being Erica" tries to answer the question whether your past actions affect who you are, and if they do, can you change yourself and your life by making minor corrections. After watching this show it's like you get a strong feeling that every action is a brick which you can use whether to build a steady road or to construct a horrible wall of regrets which unlike Erica you won't be able to fix. P.S.Besides all that philosophical stuff, there were also moments that got me giggling. First, Erica gets to edit a "Sex book" (wonder, how that's gonna turn out). Second, Jullianne dancing in a Coyote Bar (who would have thought she'had it in her^^)


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New Shows to Watch: Being Erica, United States of Tara - Featured

I wasn't really expecting much from the new shows but Being Erica and United States of Tara are really good. Not OMG I wanna die good, but more of a It's over already? good. At least one of them is that interesting. Being Erica I wasn't really sure about this one being any good (at all) since there was barely any hype surrounding it and yes, I know I shouldn't go by the hype but its kinda hard to give equal focus to this one and Tara, the Steven Speilberg biggie. Anyway, this show is pretty much your usual .....Continue Reading!