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Are They Really Changing the Name

Okay I heard their changing the name of Ben 10 Alein Force since you know it didn't make sense any more because the DN Alien attack is over. And I wanted to know if that was really true because wouldn't that mean they'll have anew theme song, and wouldn't that also mean we'll need another page or soemthing then the episodes will be confusing and hard to find. Sorry I'm a bit of a nit picker so can anyone answer my question. BTW I heard it might be: Ben 10: Evolutions Which I honestly believe they can think of something better that reminds me of Pokemon for some reason.

Ben 10: Alien Force Season 3 starts this Friday!

Ben 10: Alien Force season 3 airs on Cartoon Network this week. Will you be watching? I'll be recording it and watching it over the weekend. What are you looking forward to?


one to yea baby


this is a great t.v series i hope i can watch the rest

i'm loving it 2nd season?

hoping for another great season