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Chances of survival?

What with Better off ted now airing (twice a week, was it?), the likelihood of it surviving with it's current channel seems tragically low. Has anyone heard, or does anyone at least believe another channel will show interest in putting it up for another season? I'm from Australia, so it's hard to get much news about it from our local televisions, what with Better off ted only airing on pay-tv here. It seems like too good of a show to lose, and after Arrested Development (another great, hilarious & despicably underated comedy) was taken off, comedy seems to be copping far too many punches in the gut for my liking.

Did Anyone Notice..?

For those of you out there who are fans of Dr. Who, did any of you notice the Dalek sitting around in the "Robot Farm" in the Great Repression? Makes you wonder what Veridian Dynamics is up to.

SideReel's This Week on TV (12/7/09) with Kendra & Rachel - Featured

Find out how the TV schedule is looking this week with some exciting show returns like Better Off Ted , holiday episodes from our fav NBC comedies, and what's officially on break for the holiday season. Also find out SideReel's top 10 most anticipated midseason premieres! Watch it now: SideReel's This Week on TV (12/7/09) You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. We'd love to hear your comments, questions, and feedback about the week in TV, SideReel's new video podcasts, and whatever else you have to say, so leave it all in the comments below!

What happened?

This was set to air on the 28th, but now for some reason it's been postponed a week. Anybody have any clue? Did it air? If not, what stopped it?

better off ted

no links for better off ted are we not liking it iam

better off ted

is this a new season or is it season 1 episode 8?

No Better Off Ted in Europe

Got so dissapointed when I couldn't view Better of Ted (only american viewers can see full length episodes - thanks ABC...) From the comments I was hoping for some good laughs :-(

Veronica + Ted + Linda Oh My!

Just a little light hearted survey.. Would you guys rather Ted end up with Veronica (tough on the outside -and probably on the outside too) or Linda (quirky and energetic)? I'm sort of leaning towards Ted and Veronica, just because it's so unlikely, and I loved the relationship between Ted's daughter Rose and Veronica. She treated Rose like an adult woman like her, which was funny as much as heartwarming!

Better Off Ted : 5 Episodes in

Alright, i am officially on board with Better Off Ted. I like everyone on the show. The girls are funny, the guys are funny, the writing is fast and so-far, relatively simple. "Hurricane-Proof Dogs" was where i decided to call myself a fan of the show. hows everyone else liking (or disliking) it?

Madcap Irony is Alive & Well: Like 30 Rock, Better off Ted puts the "Fun"-ny back into Honest Satire

The Office is a snooze, one degree shy of "reality" TV. When did anxiety become funny? Better Off Ted is a good answer to such lack of imagination, with every thing purposely blown way out of proportion to the drudgery of a "real" world order. The plots engagingly spin out to the nth degree what the consequences could be if the greatest company in the world could create the best products that...wait a minute, this helps us how, exactly? This show makes a good foil for all the cynicism our current economy has engendered. The apt cast dishes out pills for reality bites with all the aplomb that their wickedly stereotypical roles can garner: > Portia de Rossi is deliciously feckless as a power mad Sr. Exec. Her Veronica would no doubt be 1st in line to walk straight through any plate glass ceiling for want of noticing trifles like obstacles. Veridian Corp. IS Veronica to the "T," er, "V" is for victory, right? > Malcolm Barrett and Jonathan Slavin portray bitchy BFF lab buddies, running hamster-wheel laps around each other in their lemming-like corporate devotion to engineer the next big thing in consumer futility (if Lem is short for lemming, could Phil be short for philosophy-lite?). > Andrea Anders seasons cubicle despair as the klepto-neurotic Linda, a would-be love interest. Watch for her to kvetch and take simple pleasures whenever she can get away with them. > Jay Harrington is well positioned as a go-along-to-get-along middle management hack. Who else could make sense of criminal insanity? Episode 4, "Racial Sensitivity," hits a great stride as a hilarious send-up of denial in corporate culture where the profit motive butts up against ersatz political correctness. Or is that the other way around? Anyhow, the elevator scene was precious, as were all the grossly underpaid extras. Celebrate the return of can-do Americanism and endless possibility for fantasy fun and occupational hazard; and just be glad that your half-hour "work-day" at home doesn't have to be filled w/ sad drivel and non-committal glances. That's what reality is for.