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Office Romance Taking Spotlight

hey, is it just me, or are other people finding the plots for each episode only half as amusing as the relationship triangle (square?) between veronica, ted, an linda (+don)? dont get me wrong, the episode plots are funny, and i like the developments, but lets face it, they are a little stupid. that relationship matrix though, wow, clever. ya' got a boss with a subordinate relationship (thrice over); ya' got a one nighter vs a potential 'real thing'; ya' got 'hot ice queen'(cold, intelligent) vs 'hot rebel'(passionate and fun); ya' got 'old bf' vs. 'secret crush'; not to mention, at any point, ted's daughter's mother could come back and ad her drama to the mix. honestly im tuning in to see what happens in that smorgasbord more than i am to see how phil an lem's spats or veridian's moral ambiguity are ruining the company. dont get me wrong, i like that part too, i mean beating meat, wow, where did that come from, its just i find what im wanting to see is more office romance (awkward) development.

Any one else think this is a great show?

after watching the first couple of episodes i really like it and its got a good cast and a funny plot. Portia de rossi is amazing and shes really got something to add almost like a Neil patric harris from HIMYM so any one else thing this is going to be a really good show?

Save It or Sink It: Better Off Ted - Featured

Watch out Massive Dynamic, you have some new competition in town. They may not have mechanical arms or be able to bring the dead back to life, but they can weaponize pumpkins and freeze people. ABC's new comedy contender about corporate scientific America, Better Off Ted , finally premiered last night on ABC. The hilarious cast, including Private Practice 's Jay Harrington and Arrested Development 's Portia de Rossi proved to be pretty entertaining, don't you think? No, really, what did you think? Did you dig it? Or are you better off not watching Better Off Ted? Take the Save It or Sink It poll on E!Online and leave your comments below! Source: E!Online, Watch with Kristin - Save It or Sink It: Better Off Ted

better than the office

Don't get me wrong, I like the office, but sidereel says better off ted is supposed to be competition for the office, and I must say that my first opinion is that I prefer it. I think this episode had better comic moments than most of the office (apart from jim's pranks on dwight... those are brilliant) , and if they play it right, the story has a potential to add to the comedy more than a frigin paper distributor (again, I DO like the office...)