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'Boardwalk Empire': Spot Inspection

Is Boardwalk Empire a good show? HBO spent mega-millions on the period-piece mob drama, and instantly renewed it for second season when the Scorsese-directed premiere averaged 4.8 million viewers. But ratings have dropped over the last couple months (last Sunday’s episode, the seventh of the season, had 2.6 million viewers — not bad, but not Sopranos.) On a deeper level, Boardwalk doesn’t seem to have the watercooler appeal of, say, Mad Men, the other lavishly-designed boozy historical drama created by a Sopranos writer. Boardwalk would appear to have something for everyone — mob violence, cutting dialogue, an endless parade of female and male nudity. It’s history porn in both senses of the word. But is Boardwalk Empire entertaining you? To Read More Click Here. I kind of like the carnivalesque atmosphere. Do you, PopWatchers? Are you watching Boardwalk Empire ? Do you think the show lives up to its iconic HBO brethren? Was it always going to be difficult to live up to that  other New Jersey mob show? Am I the only one who really digs all the political stuff?