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Bones Season 12 Episode 8 Review: The Grief and the Girl

Who knew cream soda could break your heart? But it did just that at the start of Bones Season 12 Episode 8 . Because when it comes to grief, its the little things, the small reminders that someone isnt coming back that can shake you to your core. ...Read More...   https://www.tvfanatic.com/2017/02/bones-season-12-episode-8-review-the-grief-and-the-girl/

'Bones' Poll: Can the Show Go On without Booth?

Bones has been on the air for eleven wonderful seasons and all hope is that it keeps going strong for even longer. Showrunner Michael Peterson recently spoke about the future of the series and David Boreanaz also spoke about the future of Booth. Find out all the details below and weigh in on if and how the series could continue without Seeley Booth.   //www.buddytv.com/articles/bones/bones-can-the-show-go-on-witho-58008.aspx

'Bones' Conroversy: Was Brennan Wrong to Kick Booth Out of the House?

As expected, the Bones fandom is in an uproar over the trauma introduced by "Murder in the Middle East." Booth's gambling has reached a tangible level putting his family and his career, not to mention his life, at great risk. Most disturbing for some viewers is Brennan's expulsion of her spouse from home and hearth. Other viewers feel differently. Let's discuss.   Boneheads desperately debate the questions: Is this the beginning of the end? Was this a realistic treatment of Booth's gambling problem, or are the Bones Fairies tormenting our beloved dynamic duo for ratings? And most the most divisive question of all, were Brennan's words and actions too harsh? That's what we are here to discuss, my friends.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/bones/bones-conroversy-was-brennan-w-56549.aspx

How 'Bones,' 'Castle,' 'Criminal Minds' and 'Law & Order: SVU' create the perfect crime

Cop shows are all organized around the basic premise: Good guys catch bad guys. The way individual series approach their material and build their stories, however, is as varied as the number of shows themselves.As part of Zap2it's Crime Report project, we spoke with the showrunners of four long-running crime shows -- David Amann of "Castle," Warren Leight of "Law & Order: SVU," Erica Messer of "Criminal Minds" and Stephen Nathan of "Bones." They discussed how they approach their case-of-the-week stories; how they create victim and perpetrator characters; to what extent real-world crimes influence their scripts; and the role that consultants and technical advisers play in getting big and small details right.We spoke to each of them separately in the fall of 2014; an edited transcript of their comments follows.RELATED: TV crime shows by the numbers | Lessons learned watching 78 hours of cop showsHow to start a caseZap2it: Where do you begin when you're... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/Zap2it/~3/6XeMu7bnPJg/bones_castle_criminal_minds_svu_create_perfect_crime-2015-04

When Does Bones Season 6 start?

I know the season finale just aired, but i must know when season 6 starts! And yes im a little obsessed =P

end of season, but is bones coming back?

i know this was the end of season, but is there a new season commissioned? thanksxx


I know there was a new episode last night and I see almost one hundred links, but I don't see it on the scheduale. I was just wondering why.


i am coming

One of the biggest game changers ever?

Just finished watching this and or my god what an episode. I dont think iv ever seen a tv show put such a game changing episode into the show as this one. I know this wont happen but after this i actully wouldnt mind if they both moved on after watching this, but i still would be happy to see them together.

The 100th Episode Good or Bad (Spoiler's about the 100th Episode)

I have to say the 100th Ep did not disapoint revealing the mysterios past of Booth and Brennan's past that ive been poundering from the get go. However the ending was both a complete let down but left some hope for the relationship everyone wishes would just happen. While we finaly see Booth take the plunge, "the gambelers jump" as it was refferd to, Brennan's over rationalisations spoil the moment and hault any progressions into the relationship leaving Booth rather broken hearted :(. lol But There is still hope as glimpses of Brennan's want for him is apparent in her speach while she says "the FbI would never allow this". This highlights her desire however her mind over powers her feelings :/ So Wot did you think of the episode ? Where you dissapointed with the endding? Do you think the relationship will happen in this season or will it never happen?