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Season 4?

Just wondering if anyone else was curious about the new casting for Season 4, since obviously they now have to replace Zack...anyone heard anything? Also, does anyone know exactly WHY Zack was written off the show? I mean, I know he's going to make some appearances, but is there a reason they got rid of the character full-time? Is Eric Millegan doing a movie or--even better--theatre?! God, I love him!


I just seen the season finale and I still cant believe that Zack was working with Gormagon, but the thing I having an issue with is if Zack is still going to be a character on the show, and if he's not then who's going to be his replacement?. Despite his relationship with Gormagon I really liked Zack, I especially liked how he took things so literally and it was kinda funny how he came to an understanding as to what the other characters were saying. Also on a side note I really think it's about time Booth and Bones finally admit there feelings for each other, I think they'd make a really great couple. (Lots Of Sexual Tension) :)

Im confused!

Hi Was episode 15 thew last of the series till season 4 starts? Or are we just waiting for a damn long time for the next episode?

Hodgins Knew It!

As far as theories go, it's a pretty good one. One of the Bones faithful picked up on the fact that Hodgins stuffing morphine into Zack was out of friendship and trying to keep his guilty mouth shut. Simple enough that I believe it. Here's the link to the original piece.

The last episode

OMG?! Who would have guessed Zach was the one helping Gormagon. My sister and I thought it would be Sweets 'coz he's the new guy trying to find out all about the case and trying to get involved, but Zach.....,, WHO KNEW?! And before that, Booth and his death fake. I actually cried when we found out he was dead (even though he wasn't!) How could he do that to Bones. Anyway, thoughts on the series and especially the last episode, and what do you think about the prospect of a relationship between Brennan and Booth?

will they?

i heard that booth and bones will kiss on season 4 but i would hate for thier chemistry to change. i really like the way they are now. the fact that there is sexual tension between them is what really has me hooked that and the fact that they really like each other but are afraid to admit it. but then again how long can that tension really last?

sexy ?

David boreanaz or agent booth was votes 11th sexiest man on t.v. but I want your votes. Are their men you think that are sexer than A.Booth ? Do you think # 11 is to high or to low. I want to here what you think.


When is the next episode going to be posted? All i can find online is Heart Pain or in ot her words you know what Im talking about if you watch Bones.. Im sick of waiting around for it.. I sit at work and this show keeps me awake.. =(

Other Show Suggestions Anyone..?

Anybody know of other good shows that I could watch while I'm waiting for the next season of Bones? Not like CSI i need something original...


o m g i started to cry i thought booth waas really dead but i loved how he saved bones i cant belive she thinks that was not enough i cant wait to finnaly c them 2gether