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Question about The Science in the Physicist *may be spoilers*

Okay so was i imagining things or was there absolutely no mention of hodgins' tattoo of Angela and him being left out in some sort of desert? did they say anything about what happened? how he got back? whether he told anyone about the tattoo? did i miss an episode or was it not in there? I for one was looking forward to hearing the details. i mean sure it probably isn't that important but it would have made for an interesting tale. Anyone know any details? or have any theories or insights? Personally i thought that was a great revenge. tattooing a picture of Angela on his arm. Classic.

really offputting bones finale

half way through the episode and trying to figure out the point of the episode. is this a lame clue-isque episode. what is going on seriously?

finale episode

i was very dissapointed with the finale. it ws a very good episode, and the plot was good, i LOVED seeing zac again, but the much anticipated booth and breenan sex scene turning out to be just a dream, not cool! i first caught wind of said scene many months ago and i've been looking forward to them finaly being together.... but then it turns out to be fake..... also, i HATED that last little clif hanger, that's just mean, leaving all the bones fans hanging like that. i am super excited for next season to start, let's hope it's a good one !

Booth and Brennen...Anticlimatic??

For me it was...4 seasons of build up and tension and then this...ouch, that really hurt. I didn't dislike the episode but the treatment of Booth and Brennen was appalling...yeh, yeh, yeh...we get it by now! Booth would have killed to protect "Bren" (eyuk)...heard it once, they didn't need to keep drilling it in. AND was it just me or did they seem like the world's worst couple??? Was kinda putting me off them, it was so sappy and cheesy...They better salvage them for me next season...or else :P

anybody else really pissed off?

So many shows are ending on huge cliffhangers like this one. I don't know where they plan to go after this season, but its not looking good. booths hallucinations are just like house's, they think its fine and it turns out to be much more serious. i hate where this last episode ended. no spoilers, just in case, but it was terrible. and if anybody watches castle....totally shameless cliffhanger. its getting ridiculous. the only shows i can rely on not to do that are reality shows, and that's just sad. (american idol though- yeah adam!) i'm just really scared about where all these shows are heading. it all seems to be going sadly downhill. hallucinations, really? get some new material. and the twist in booth's last sentence after the surgery....that is so old too! it's just getting annoying.

whats going on with the episodes.

whats going on with the episodes. i thought episode 25 was supposed to be the finale of season 4 and the episode 26 pops out of #$%&ing nowhere. whats going on.

Episode 24!!

The date for this episode is WRONG!! The episode "The Beaver in the Otter" is on TONIGHT (April 30th) and did NOT air on April 20th. I hope people catch this mistake! I tried to fix it but there is a lock on editing details...

Bones' Rationality Falters

This episode was not a bad one, but there was something that continuously bothered me throughout the episode: The fact that Bones was so set on informing Sweets about Daisy's supposed affair. Bones is a rational person and is continuously telling her coworkers not to jump to conclusions in the cases that they work on, yet she does exactly that when she sees Daisy trying on wedding dresses. The fact that Booth thinks that it could be infidelity makes sense because he often does jump to conclusions in his line of work, but Bones assuming that Daisy is cheating without investigating the facts makes no sense to her characterization what-so-ever. I do feel, though, that her determination and decision to finally tell Sweets was in her character. Her view on psychology and her belief that if people choose to be monogamous they should be honest, makes sense rationally, just not the way she finds out about the supposed infidelity. I don't know how anyone else feels, but it was a pretty big flaw in the writing of her character for this particular episode and I hope they get it right in future episodes.

Dr. Saroyan has a kid now?

Ooooo! This was the cutest thing to ever happen on the show! Any thoughts? I just loved how Dr. Saroyan thought the girl had run upstairs to get away from her so she heads to leave and then the girl runs downstairs with the salt shaker! adorable!

What day does Bones really air these days?

Last night I totally watched the new episode but I thought the show moved to Thursdays? Much happier with it on Wednesdays so I hope that means they are moving it back.