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Zooey Deschanel Gushes Over Sister Emily and Being an Aunt

Emily’s not the only Deschanel excited about the new baby! Younger sister and Bones guest star Zooey opened up to the Associated Press today about her upcoming role as auntie."I think it’s going to be really fun," Zooey said, though she admitted that she doesn’t quite know what to expect. "I have no experience with like, children at all. [...] It will be just cool to be an aunt, and hang out with the baby and then give it back." Clearly, little sis has... //

Hello Jell-O! Bones Executive Producer Teases More Season 7 Deets

Attentions, Bones-ios! Executive producer Stephen Nathan has taken to Twitter once again and, in addition to coming up with a questionable nickname for us fans, has revealed that Ian Toynton (The O.C., 24) will be directing Season 7’s first episode. Toynton’s no stranger to gruesome close-ups and making David Boreanaz (Booth) look good. He’s directed a whopping 82 episodes of the Fox forensics series!And if that’s not enough, Nathan has a more ambiguous — and more... //

It Begins! Bones Writers Are Coming Together for Season 7

The meeting of the minds has begun!  Twitter is afire with transmissions as the Bones crew put their heads together to usher in Season 7. Storyboard writer Dean Lopata’s picture might show an empty table, but executive producer Stephen Nathan assures us that the team is back and ready for action.And while Nathan is looking for a "gross set of remains" and a "very comfortable bed" (maybe co-producer Hart Hanson is helping him out with the latter?), David Boreanaz... //

More Daley Dirt! Will the Jeffersonian Team Be Happy About Booth and Brennan's Coupling?

Dr. Sweets is singing like a canary this month!  Sandra Gonzalez at Entertainment Weekly has some choice cuts of new Bones info from actor-turned-screenwriter John Francis Daley.  According to Daley, Sweets is "over the moon" with happiness for newly-coupled Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel). After all, Daley reminds us, Sweets "was the biggest cheerleader for the two of them getting together."But how will the other Jeffersonian team members... //

'Bones' and other FOX series get poster treatment for Comic-Con 2011

Per the freshly-released July 22 schedule for Comic-Con 2011, "Bones" will hold its much-loved panel and Q&A that Friday afternoon. Creator and executive producer Hart Hanson will be joined by fellow executive producer Stephen Nathan and stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. This marks the first time the foursome will sit down to discuss the rather monumental events of the Season 6 finale. There will also, presumably, be quite a bit of discussion about the late Season 7 start date and what to expect now that the finally-coupled duo are expecting. In honor of the event, FOX commissioned a special poster for the panel (first posted over at TVLine). The poster will be available throughout the festival (read: a few hours before they run out) at the Fox Fanfare booth (#4313). And "Bones" isn't the only FOX series getting an artistic interpretation for the Con. THR posted a whole mess of FOX posters --... //

Fox Creates Comic-Con Posters for Fringe, Bones, Glee Animated Shows & More

Fox is getting into the Comic-Con spirit by creating special posters for the shows that it will be bringing to San Diego in a few weeks (as originally reported by  THR ).  Earlier this week we posted the schedule for all Fox show panels, including which actors/actresses were going to be in attendance ( read more here ). The network will be hosting panels for returning shows like  Bones ,  Fringe ,  Glee , as well as its animated shows (like  Family Guy ,  The Cleveland Show , and  The Simpsons ).  The network also plans to introduce some of its new fall shows like  Terra Nova ,  The Finder , and  Allen Gregory  at Comic-Con. Fans can pick up copies of the poster at the big Fox booth on the exhibition floor at Comic-Con, were they can be signed by various Fox actors/actresses and show producers. Read More... //

Bones Season 7 Spoilers: The Baby, New Villains & Premiere Episode Details

The seventh season of  Bones  will not be premiering on Fox until November 3, but a few spoilers are already trickling in for next season.  We've decided to put together a collection of spoilers for you. Booth, Brennan & the Baby:  The big surprise at the end of  Bones'  sixth season was Brennan's announcement to Booth that was she pregnant with his child.  I honestly didn't see that one coming.  It certainly goes a step further than just getting them together as a couple.  Executive producer Stephen Nathan has told  TV Line  that the season 7 premiere will jump forward a few months in time, with Brennan moving into the third trimester of her pregnancy.  But Brennan will handle being pregnant like she handles everything else.  She'll continue to work and get involved in solving cases (although navigating around small spaces in the lab will be a bit of a challenge).  John Francis Daley (Dr. Sweets) has said that he expects Booth and Brennan will be in a relationship next year, but the exact definition of their new relationship hasn't been confirmed by the producers or writers, so it's too soon to tell. Read More... //

Will Booth and Brennan Be Kissing Under the Mistletoe in Season 7?

We "possibly" have a "murder murder murder turkey murder murder murder" lineup for the November premiere of Bones’ seventh season, but what about Christmas?  Michael Ausiello at TV Line addresses our yuletide curiosity with a characteristic response by the show’s executive producer Stephen Nathan.So will there be a Christmas episode? "[N]othing’s planned," says Nathan, but "we might toss in a snowman or something. Could be a nice... //

Bones Writers Hang at the FBI

Have the geniuses behind Bones been taken in for questioning? Not exactly — the guys are just seeking out some inspiration at FBI headquarters. //

John Francis Daley Teases Booth and Bones Doing It (?)

We haven’t heard much from Dr. Sweets lately, and it turns out that there’s a good reason for that! With his new movie, Horrible Bosses (co-written with Jonathan Goldstein) opening in theaters on July 8, John Francis Daley has had quite the busy summer. But NYMag managed to land an interview with our favorite baby-faced psychologist.Most of the interview touches on Daley’s old Freaks and Geeks days, but interviewer Kyle Buchanan does make time for two Bones-related questions.... //