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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episodes 18 & onwards

Does anybody know where I can watch the following episode I am in the uk? Thanks

any other series like brothers & sisters

hi guys i just wanted to know if any of you know a series like brothers & sisters cant wait to see the 4 season

kitty & robert

can someone tell me why i saw pictures of kitty & robert kissing and hugging before he boarded the chopper? why did i not see this from the season finale? thanks

Rebecca needs to go!

Brothers and sisters used to be so good, till Rebecca came along I mean really first she was the illegitimate daughter then the girlfriend of this real son only to go skank it up with the illegitimate new one~ so BORING

Brothers & Sisters Movie Event: Who's Gonna Die?

Anyone who's spent any time watching ABC this week has seen the promos for Sunday's two-hour Brothers & Sisters movie event. And if you're one of those people, you no-doubt saw the tagline: "A joyous birth, a shocking death, a family shaken to its roots." We know it's always wise to take TV promos with a grain of salt, and star Rob Lowe gave us even greater reason to do so on The View Friday. "Mark Twain said there are two things you don't want to see made: laws and sausages. I would add that you don't want to see promos being made either," he said. And when asked if his character was a goner? "The show's taking a huge turn on Sunday. The storylines are going to go in a whole new direction. It's really dramatic and I'm really proud of the episode." Yeah, yeah, fine. But who's gonna take a dirt nap, Rob? We've made the case for a few of the show's characters. Check out or theories and then tell us who you think will be checking out. * Tommy (Balthazar Getty) This one seems the easiest. Rumors of Getty's exit from the show have been swirling since the actor's off-screen marital problems first hit the blogosphere. However, the producers have adamantly denied Tommy's complete departure from the show, suggesting rather that his pending legal headaches might simply reduce him to a recurring guest star. But maybe a hearse ride will detour his road to the courtroom? * Robert (Rob Lowe) Senator McCallister's name has made its fair share of appearances in the rumor mill as well. But that would just be cruel, what with the baby on the way and all, right? We do know, however, that the man is a workaholic, and his apparent plans to run for governor would add plenty of stress. Are Kitty's promo tears those of baby-adopting joy or something quite the opposite? * Scotty (Luke MacFarlane) Kevin and Scotty have quickly become the heart of the show, particularly with their futon chat after Kevin didn't make partner at his law firm. His presence would be sorely missed at family dinners - even the ones that turn into battles royale. On the other hand, we're not sure that ABC should be firing any more gay characters right now. * Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson) OK, hear us out. We haven't seen Joe since Season 2 - though there have been a number of scenes featuring Sarah's kids running out the door when daddy honks the horn - but his death might finally give Rachel Griffiths something interesting to do dramatically. (No offense to her whippersnapper Web-proprietor partners. Well, some offense.) * Saul (Ron Rifkin) If Nora is the heart of the Walker family, Saul is its conscience. Considering how the family uses him like an advice ATM, there are few other characters whose departure would provide the promised level of foundation-shaking. We don't see his mug very prominently in the promo, and, well, we all know sometimes age just gets the best of us. Which of these characters would you most (or least) like to see go? Any theories of your own? Source here

Owning It- can't wait!!!

especially having to wait for 3 weeks!! this episode better make up for it! looking forward to finally see Ryan.. also how Rebecca will react with Tommy's sneaky plans to bring down Holly.. hmmm

Sibling Rivalry: Get Holly & Rebecca Out

So I'm really excited that Kevin is planning to move out Holly and Rebecca. I just hope he doesn't get in trouble for the semi illegalness of it all. I really don't like Holly. She always had the end agenda of control and when the family was in crisis, she just swooped in like a vulture. Plus, I always hated the idea that Rebecca got all that will money, despite not actually being a Walker. Justin can do better. By the looks of the preview, Rebecca looks like she's going to cheat on Justin with the blonde guy from Greenatopia. I hope the whole family hates her. I still haven't forgotten how she screwed Sarah's marriage up! *takes five seconds to remember it's just a show :)*

Brothers & Sisters: Four Ways To Make It Better

I love you's, promotions, adoptions, new jobs, new homes and baby-dies-because-of-complication scares. A lot going on in Brothers & Sisters, but still somehow everything feels repeated and old. It still seems like everything is just another excuse for a big Walker party fight. Not that I don't like the show anymore, it's just that every episode begins and ends in the same way.I recently saw the last four episodes, and though the show, as a whole, is entertaining, there are times it can get boring. Very boring. The To-Do List For The Writers: 1. Kill Tommy I know this might seem a little bit harsh but he needs to go. Or the writers should make his character at least half-interesting.Oh, and I wouldn't mind Justin and Rebbecca leaving the show either. Continue Reading This Story


Am I the only one that feels like I know the ending to each episode before it happens. Lately, I think the show feels kind of stale and predictable. All the allusions to Trish and her baby let me know she wasn't out of the picture yet and that could only mean one thing... And of course, with Sarah still being single and in a precarious career position who else should reenter but her old/new flame... I certainly hope the future episodes offer up some surprises or at least some real heartfelt drama.

Favorite TV Families: Who's Your Fav TV Mom?

As families, parental roles, and gender expectations have evolved over the years, so have those roles we see reflected with added drama and comedy on our televisions! In the 50's and 60's, we had moms like June Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver who was the picture of domestic perfection, and then we started to move into the times of the still pretty darn perfect, but a lot more busy, moms like Carol Brady. Soon enough, America was evolving right along, and their TV families were evolving too - a lot of moms were still shown spending plenty of time in the kitchen and taking care of their families, but also running to work like Roseanne Conner, Clair Huxtable, Harriet Winslow, Jill Taylor, and plenty more! Now we have more moms like Tami on Friday Night Lights who continue to care for their families, but like real American women, have found much more of a compromise to their work and family lives than mothers of TV past. We've also evolved into much more of a satirical view on families as so many appear in comedies, even in the animated variety like The Simpsons and Family Guy poking fun at American families instead of teaching us life lessons like the days of many family shows of the past. So with all these changes for TV families, and specifically TV moms over the years, who have your favorite TV moms been of present and past, from the classic and traditional to the quirky and the crazy? Here are just a few of the many to ponder, so comment with those you like on the list or not. The Brady Bunch : Carol Brady The Cosby Show : Clair Huxtable Boy Meets World : Amy Matthews Full House : Becky Donaldson That 70's Show: Kitty Forman Home Improvement : Jill Taylor Family Matters : Harriet Winslow Roseanne : Roseanne Conner Friday Night Lights : Tami Taylor Kyle XY : Nicole Trager 7th Heaven : Annie Camden Family Ties : Elyse Keaton Married with Children: Peggy Bundy Brothers & Sisters : Nora Walker Who's the Boss? : Angela Bower The O.C. : Kirsten Cohen Gilmore Girls : Lorelai Gilmore The Simpsons : Marge Simpson Family Guy : Lois Griffin American Dad! : Francine Smith Arrested Development : Lucille Bluth Desperate Housewives : Lynette Scavo, Bree Hodge Dirty Sexy Money : Letitia Darling Everybody Loves Raymond : Debra Barone, Marie Barone 90210 : Debbie Wilson Photo courtesy of media.canada.com