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Vile Villains: Nominate your Top TV Villains! - Featured

Jack-o-lanterns are lighting the neighborhood windows, witches hang cackling from the porches, and our TVs are becoming haunted with scary movies and Halloween specials galore! In honor of this deliciously creepy time of year, we want to know your favorite TV villains that are deliciously creepy just about all year round! Do you shiver every winter when you know Ben Linus is returning with Lost ? Do you miss the days of the creepy characters on Buffy The Vampire Slayer , Angel , or even Veronica Mars ? Are you pulled in by the spine-tingling characters on Heroes , Supernatural , Dexter , or True Blood ? For this spooktacular Halloween week, we want your nominations for a vile villains showdown where we'll pit the top nominated villains against each other to see who comes out as voted the most vile of them all! Nominations will run Tuesday 10/27 - the afternoon of Wednesday 10/28, then the vicious vile villain showdown will begin!

BloodBorn: Slayer Season (And The Winner Is)

We asked you which slayer and which sidekick would make a great pairing to kick vampire but.There has been four rounds in which you had to vote,and in the last round it came down to: Slayers Sidekicks Buffy (BTVS) Willow (BTVS) Faith (BTVS) Spike (BTVS) But in the end you could only choose one winner from each section,and youre winners are! BUFFY SPIKE So theres youre winners,To take A look back at the other rounds click on this link to go to the final round. More Battles coming soon from tezza106's page soon,so keep checking.

Discuss: The Most Disappointing Episodes Of The Greatest Shows - Featured

Yahoo's TV Blog has a fun post about the lone bad episodes of otherwise great TV shows - like Battlestar Galactica 's "Black Market" or Lost 's "Stranger in a Strange Land" (that one with Jack in Thailand...). Other shows covered include Gossip Girl , Chuck , House , 30 Rock , The West Wing , The Office , Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24 , Friday Night Lights and The Sopranos . Check 'em out and see if you agree/disagree: The Most Disappointing Episodes Of The Greatest Shows Know of another great show that you think had a bad episode? Friends or Seinfeld, perhaps? Discuss in comments!

Well...the episode

Well...the episode lacked a backbone.

BloodBorn: Slayer Season (The Final) Who's youre Favourite Slayer?(CLOSED)

So,we said goodbye to Van Helsing and Anna In the first round,and in the last round we said goodbye to Blade & Gunn,So get youre crossbows and youre stakes ready as Buffy & Faith,Willow & Spike got everyones vote In the last round. So now its time to vote again to see which Slayer and which Sidekick Will Win this years Slayer Season.Remember to vote for youre most favourite slayer and youre favourite Sidekick. 'Slayers' Buffy (BTVS) Faith (BTVS) 'Sidekicks' Willow (BTVS) Spike (BTVS So get voting and favourite this Disscussion so after this round has finished you can come back here and see who won.(Heres a link to round 2) This round closes Monday 3rd August And on that afternoon the results will be announced.Also tell youre Fellow Reelers about this so we can get as many votes as possible.Good Luck.

BloodBorn: Slayer Season (Round 2/Semi Finals) Who's youre Favourite Slayer (CLOSED)

(SORRY BUT THIS ROUND IS CLOSED THANKYOU) So,in the last round it didn't look favourable to the Van Helsing Duo as you kicked out Van Helsing,and his sidekick Anna,But who will be next to fail and be sired by the vampires? As in the Nominations round and in round one,you must vote whoever you think will Beat Vampire But.Below Vote TWO Slayers and TWO sidekicks from the following list below,the Slayer and Sidekick with the least votes will be kicked out of the competion and will not go through to the final round.Here is the list for you to choose from. 'SLAYERS' Buffy (BTVS) Faith (BTVS/ANGEL) Blade (BLADE TRILOGY) 'SIDEKICKS' Willow (BTVS) Spike (BTVS/ANGEL) Gunn (ANGEL) So again you must decide you goes through to the final,and who must fall at the last hurdle.Remember choose TWO Slayers & TWO Sidekicks.This round will close on thursday 30th july,and on thursday afternoon the final will start.So Let the Battle Begin. (Here's a Link to Round one)

BloodBorn: Slayer Season (Round 1) Who's youre Favourite Slayer?(CLOSED)

(SORRY BUT THIS ROUND IS CLOSED) So,you decided in the nominations round which Slayer and Sidekick would go through to this round,and the results are in.(Heres a link to the nominations round) .Now Below are two catergorys,Slayer catergory and a Sidekick catergory.You will have to vote youre 'three' most favourite Slayers and youre three most favourite Sidekicks,The Slayer and Sidekick with the least votes will not move on to the next round,Please vote in the comment section. 'SLAYERS' Buffy (BTVS) Faith (BTVS) Blade (The Blade Trilogy) Van Helsing(Van Helsing Movie) 'SIDEKICKS' Willow(BTVS) Spike (BTVS) Gunn (The 'Angel' Series) Anna (Van Helsing Movie) So thats what there up against,remember choose 3 slayers and 3 sidekicks to go on to the next round,During to innsufficient Votes In the Nominations Round Decisions had to be made on a wide range of movies and TV series.Voting closes for this round Sunday 27th July and on Sunday 27th July Round two will begin.So you better get voting.

BloodBorn: Slayer Season (Nominations:Closed)

(SORRY BUT NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED,THANKYOU) Over the years there have been some great Vampire Shows and movies,But where theres a vampire,theres a slayer. We want to know who kicks-but when it comes to fighting those vampires and killing those demons.Now there maybe some great slayers like Buffy the vampire slayer, Blade and angel (even though he's a vampire himself),but whos a slayer without a sidekick. In the last decade or so we've seen accomplices like Willow and Xander,Cordelia and Doyle,And Whistler,but who is the best.Now I'm not saying just pick the people i've just said,you can pick any slayer and any sidekick you want,but please nominate one of each. At the final one slayer and one sidekick will win and be matched up so we'll know who really should of been put together to kick vampire but,Nomination voting closes Thursday 23rd july,and on Thursday afternoon Round one will start.So let the battle begin.

Wizard Wars: Nominate your Fav Wizards for Battle! - Featured

Nominations are now closed. The Wizard Wars have begun with Round 1 of voting, so join in the battle! Wizard Wars: SideReel's Magical Battle Begins! Vote in Round 1 Harry Potter fans all over the world are starting to hum that magical, mysterious tune that sends a tingle of excitement down our wizard-lovin' spines. Yes, it is finally almost time... for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince !! (Insert your Muggley cheers here.) So in honor of the down-right thrilling 6th movie premiere coming up Wednesday, July 15th, it's time to have a some wizardly fun! Believe it or not, Harry Potter and his friends and enemies were not the first wizards and witches to enter the entertainment world, so we want to know - if Harry Potter were to battle Merlin, who would win? If Voldemort were to battle the Wicked Witch of the West or Willow of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who would end up victorious? So, to get started, we want your nominations of all your favorite wizards and witches from TV and movies, past and present, including all your favorite Harry Potter wizards and witches as well. Those nominated will be pitted against each other in the ultimate Wizard Wars and from your votes, one witch or wizard will be the ultimate wizardy winner of them all! Nominations will be accepted Wednesday 7/8 - Tuesday 7/14, then the Wizard Wars will be held Wednesday 7/15 through the weekend. Gaze into your crystal ball and choose any and all of your favorites and nominate them in the comments below!

Butt-Kicking Babes: Who would you choose to defend you? - Featured

If you found yourself between a rock and a hard place, say you're in a dark alley surrounded by goons or find yourself confronted with a Smoke Monster, a vampire, or a rogue escaped criminal, and could have one butt-kicking babe come to your rescue, who would you choose? Personally, I would go with Dollhouse 's Echo or Chuck 's Sarah since they're always finding ways to creatively kick butt and leave no one (good) behind - what about you? Here are some favs from our Top 10 Butt-Kicking Babes plus a few more, so take your pick from this list or from any butt-kicking babe of TV we've left out. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Buffy Summers Alias - Sydney Bristow Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Sarah Connor or Cameron Smallville - Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan Heroes - Claire Bennet or Elle Chuck - Sarah Walker Dollhouse - Echo Lost - Kate Austen Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars Dark Angel - Max Burn Notice - Fiona In Plain Sight - Mary Shannon Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck Kyle XY - Jessi