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After the traumatizing ordeal in the movie with the same name, Buffy Summers and her mother move to Sunnydale, only to discover that L.A. was just a walk in the park...
Jul 17, 2014 10:33PM EDT

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As insane as it sounds this is one of the best shows to have ever aired. Not every episode was an unforgettable masterpiece; " Beer Bad " and anything with Riley but the dialog is so natural and so good, the character development so spot on it is difficult to deny this show. ' Hush ' is one of the most genius things i think i have ever seen in my life. I live in an era of instant gratification and i was riveted by silence for nearly 20 minutes. The show perfectly encapsulated the inability to scream out and it isn't the only superstar in the catalog. So many talented individuals trekked through these stories as well. You should watch this series if you haven't.


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Jun 3, 2016 5:51PM EDT

That's so weird, I just realized I hadn't ever reviewed Buffy. I wrote that 'Hush' was one of the best episodes I've ever seen on any tv show. It was an amazing episode and I rewatched it just a couple of months ago, fresh, funny, scary as all get out!

Then, as sidereel does it shows you the top two reviews and I saw you saying the same thing! As you said, in a great review, worthy of all those thumbs up, there were also plenty of other great episodes and such a lot of young actors in walk on parts or small parts who are now in tv and movies as character or lead actors. So many good directors passed through as well.
I loved this show. Great review, thank you! :)

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