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A Burning Question About Michael Western of Burn Notice

All series have a shelf life. So do their characters and plotlines. While they may start hot, storylines can just as quickly paint a good show into a bad corner, or completely change it around. (And I don’t just mean "When will Character A and Character B get together?" That’s the least of my worries.) Here an elements from Burn Notice that is just aching for resolution.  When will Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) finally get some closure on  Burn Notice ? What do you think, fans? How would you like to see this question answered? Are there any other serial elements that have you waiting on pins and needles for their conclusions? Chat about it below. To Read More Click Here.

burn notice vs chuck

Which would you prefer? Chuck and Burn Notice are both shows about spies. They each have something different to offer the audience. Chuck has the intersect while Michael uses skill. I like burn notice because it's about a burned spy who does crazy stunts for people. I like chuck because it's mainly about his life and him working for the cia. Which one is better?

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Burn Notice

so i just started watching the show and was wondering what you think the best episode is so, if you have one let me know.

When does it Premiere

when does seasoin 4 premiere? does anyonme know yet? thnkz


An interesting choice for tv producers writers etc must be the name of your tv show because a name can limit creatively where the show can go if not chosen correctly a good example is how i met your mother i personally like the show however the title means the only time we as a audience will ever be able to see or hear ted mosbys wife will be at the end of the series another example of a show which is limited creatively is californication which for all intensive purposes cant allow the lead character to leave california yet another example is burn notice a outstanding show however the serialized parts of the show are limited due entirely to the name of the program the added procedural case of the week however are not limited another interesting shift within the framework of the title will allow the writers to branch out and create depth for the characters while keeping the underlying serial endpoint within sight at the conclusion of the show

Wasn't this airing on July 2nd?

How come there isn't any links? The same thing happened with Royal Pains and True Blood. I'm confused.

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This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for your participation and the winner will be notified by email Wednesday, June 24th. Burn Notice is back on Thursday, June 4th at an all new time, 9pm/8c! Season 3 picks up right where season 2 left off with Michael swimming in the Atlantic. Michael emerges from the water free from interference by the organization that burned him. He's not under their protection, either, and is under investigation by the police. He gets out of prison with help from his old friend, who has a job for him: extraditing a thug who's displacing landowners in a Latin American country. Join fans on the official site and on Facebook . Enter To Win A Burn Notice Tote Bag filled with: * Burn Notice Season 1 DVD * Burn Notice Season 2 DVD * Burn Notice Frisbee * Burn Notice Suntan Lotion Pack * Burn Notice t-shirt * Burn Notice Novel To enter to win, comment on this post with your predictions for Season 3! Will Michael make it out of yet another serious bind? Will Michael and Fiona finally be happily together? Will everyone survive another rough and tumble season? Predict away! The 2 winners will be selected and notified via e-mail on Friday, June 12th. Sorry, but U.S. entrants only can be selected as the winners. Giveaway and photos courtesy of Electric Artists, Inc.

please tell me these shows are coming back

hi, does anyone know when burn notice, monk and leverage are coming back? thanks amled

Season 2 Ending Song

Who was the author for the ending song to season 2?