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How 'Bones,' 'Castle,' 'Criminal Minds' and 'Law & Order: SVU' create the perfect crime

Cop shows are all organized around the basic premise: Good guys catch bad guys. The way individual series approach their material and build their stories, however, is as varied as the number of shows themselves.As part of Zap2it's Crime Report project, we spoke with the showrunners of four long-running crime shows -- David Amann of "Castle," Warren Leight of "Law & Order: SVU," Erica Messer of "Criminal Minds" and Stephen Nathan of "Bones." They discussed how they approach their case-of-the-week stories; how they create victim and perpetrator characters; to what extent real-world crimes influence their scripts; and the role that consultants and technical advisers play in getting big and small details right.We spoke to each of them separately in the fall of 2014; an edited transcript of their comments follows.RELATED: TV crime shows by the numbers | Lessons learned watching 78 hours of cop showsHow to start a caseZap2it: Where do you begin when you're... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/Zap2it/~3/6XeMu7bnPJg/bones_castle_criminal_minds_svu_create_perfect_crime-2015-04

Castle: Overkill

First let me say I love Castle! No I love, love, love Castle. So when I heard that they were gonna spice Castle and Becket's relation up by bringing in a third party, Detective Tom Demming. I thought: "Hell yeah, let's put fire under the whole thing" But it has proven to be the exact opposite. Having Demming hanging around Becket completely puts her chemistry with Castle on a back-burner. I know it's supposed to be like that when her interests are diverted, but surely some chemistry with Castle should remain ? Demming has been a part of the team for 3 episodes now, I would like to say I see a change in the dynamics for the better, but I don't. How do you all feel about Demming, the third wheel, does it work?

Another season?

After seeing Boom(2) I am having doubts about the show. The two-part episode were more amusing than all the others, but the second part was way too predictable and unrealistic. A whole apartment blown up, every piece of wood lit by fire and Becket walks away without having a scratch? She walked away in Castles jacket, but the next moment has full clothing? Then, after spending one night at Castle's place she has all her own clothes again?? Also, after spending the night at his place, she cooked full breakfast in the morning; while in the previous episodes it became clear that she doesn't cook herself (much) but orders takeout. Now she's a 3 star chef suddenly? This show tries to depict Becket as a strong woman, and it succeeded in it. But now it has gone to ridiculous heights. No matter what situation she and Castle are in, she always dominates, even when she is the target of a serial killer or has her house blown to pieces. How about chasing down a super intelligent (male) serial killer on 9 inch heels? Have you ever seen a detective on 9 inch heels? Well for Uber Amazone Becket it's less than a piece of cake. Beckets reaction towards Castle is also way too uptight to be realistic. In several situations he either physically or verbally expressed his caring for her, while by description he's a true "ladies man". Almost all women that the show features comment about their "relationship", but Iron Becket states that it's "difficult". What exactly is difficult? She's single, he's single. Having another season where Castle hangs around Becket "just because he helps solving cases" devaluates the show. There's no real tension between the two, more a sad display of Mr. Niceguy chasing the hotty. I'm sure many will disagree with me on this, but I think there are a few that understand my point of view.

Tick Tick Tick

from all the crime dramas out there, this episode showed that castle is one of a kind. part 1 of this 2 part episode was amazing and hands down best episode so far, this show just gets better and better. i cant believe we have to wait an entire week for part 2. Dana Delany also did a great job guest starring.

Susan Sullivan on Martha, Falcon Crest and Playboy!

Talking to the fabulous Susan Sullivan was a dream...she was funny, lovely and talked about her career as well as her current CASTLE role where she manages to steal every scene she's in! Check it out @

there was supposed to be castle today.

today is sunday march 21. there is supposed to be castle today and tomorrow. it was supposed to be a 2 day special event. ive been reading about for a realy long time. that was the only reason there wasnt castle last week monday because of the special event. i checked abc.com schedule and there is no castle today. whats going on?

The best crime show

Well there are lots of crime shows on t.v so what are your top 3? Mine are : 1-Castle (I can't wait for the new episode) 2-The mentalist ( I love Jane's sense of humour) 3-Criminal minds ( I like hotch he's so cool) Can't wait to read your choices!

Can anyone explian WHY the networks are messing with the line up of almost EVERY show..

Im sick of finding out my show has re-runs during a season run and missed weeks with nothing... frickin stick to a show... see it through... and quit "stopping and starting".. play the episodes one after the other until finished. Is it that hard?

Thx for the answers here are the numbers

OK back on Jan 22 I asked what in your opinion was the 5 shows that just get better every week and several of you answered well here is the numbers. With 9 Votes, Bones, was number one With 8 votes, Supernatural, was number 2 With 5 votes, The Mentalist and Castle, tied for number 3 With 4 votes, Chuck and The Fringe, tied for number 4 We had several with 3 votes, N.C.I.S., The Big Bang Theory , The good wife, californication, vampire diaries, and House With 2 votes, Mercy, C.S.I.:NY, Human Target, Sanctuary, Dexter, Dollhouse, Private Practice , and Grey's Anatomy. And with just 1 vote each, Numbers, The Forgotten, N.C.I.S: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, Legend of the Seeker, Leverage, Lie to me, Better off Ted, Breaking Bad, cougar town, heroes, Spartacus, criminal intent, Doctor Who, Community, Make it or Break it, Eastwick, Modern Family, 24, and Psych.

What in your opinion are the 5 shows that get better each week?

OK I was watching The Mentalist this week and got to thinking there are several shows that I think get better every week, and I was wondering if I was the only one? So here is my top 5 shows: 1. Castle 2. N.C.I.S. 3. Numbers 4. The Mentalist 5. Bones I had several runners up, like (The Forgotten, N.C.I.S: Los Angeles, Mercy, C.S.I.:NY, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, and others) but the 5 I listed are the top 5. So what are yours?