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Whats going on????

None of the dam links are working and its starting to get on my nerves! sort it out!


I just found 3x02 Magic Hour on YouTube and added the links. Thank you carolinesph from Brazil!!


Hey .. im kinda wonderin is there actually season 9 .. cuz i saw alot of teasers and introz for it ??? "PLZ SAY YES ... PLZ SAY YES" XD

OHHH .. my bad

Oh ,, ya they do .. now i know y they didnt.. its cuz i was download like 8 parts in one shot :P thnx anywayz :-)

CAUTION! Missing Episodes!

Im making a list of all missing episodes, i hope someone will be able to find these episodes where i have failed. Heres the list. Season 1 Completed Season 2 Completed Season 3 Episode 01 - The Honeymoon's Over Episode 02 - Magic Hour Episode 03 - Once Upon a Time Episode 06 - Primrose Empath Season 4 Episode 17 - Saving Privete Leo Season 5 Episode 10 - Y Tu Mummy Tambien Episode 22 - Oh My Goddess Part One Episode 23 - Oh My Goddess Part Two Season 6 Completed Season 7 Completed Season 8 Completed I Do Hope someone will fill in the gaps.

season 8

most ef season8 episodes are on youtube in parts i found all of them but like 2 so if you really want to watch look there

Season 8

Can some one pleaseeeeeeee upload the rest of the episodes for season 8! I've tried looking for them but i can't find them anywhere! >______

in wat episode...

does piper find out that leo is a whitelighter???

I wish there waz a season 9...

Charmed iz ma number 1 show... i bought all the seasons and all the magazines I luv it i wish there wouldve been a season 9

Charmed 3x17

rawr_x, I've just watched the whole episode. The link works perfectly fine. Try looking up that episode on youtube, if it's not working for you.