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Sarah's dead!!! Oh NO!!!!!

Just kidding.. Hehe. Well it's partially true because her real name is SAM and not sarah... anyway I changed the title because somebody said it's a spoiler. --------------------------------original post: Wow... now the tables are turned. I know some girls who are like Sarah... or SAM! Once they have an inkling that you are still in love with them, they go the exact opposite direction and fall in love with the nearest superman. Not to say it was totally unpredictable though... I don't like this twist, except for the cool chuck action! What do you think?

Chunnah, Charah, or Sharah?

Which pair off do you like better? Chunnah, Charah, or Sharah? (i.e. Chuck & Hannah.. you get it)

Chuck Season 3

What do you guys think of it? I personally love it

The ring characters

My guess is that Hanna and *Shaw* are from the ring 1- Shaw came out of nowhere and and no one knew who he was 2- He was the one that got him on the plane were he was sitting next to Hanna I think that to get rid of the 2 characters the writers will let Hanna get caught by Chuck but not Shaw....but since Hanna will have made a real relationship with Chuck she will tell him that Shaw is in the part of the ring to..... Does that make any sense to any of you to?

2 superman related characters on this episode

The 2 characters are: 1-Shaw- who played as clark/superman in the movie Superman returns. & 2-Ana- who played Lana Lang in the tv series Smallville. small world huh!

Chuck Vs. Operation Awesome songs

Hey does anyone know the name of the song during the fight scene at the buy more? It's towards the end of the episode.

Agent Char... or however it's spelt

So jus my own crazy thoughts here but Agent Char (introduced in Season 3 episode 4) is quite a lot like a maturer version of chuck. They both are analyst type Agents, both hate guns, they seem kind of similar and Char's name is even similar. Now I don't think the writers will do this but It kind of made me think of Char as a future Chuck and the bit at the end of Season 3 Episode 4 where Char is looking over an old engagement ring combined with his Anti-Love and Anti-Family speech means we know he's had a tragic love in the past. Craziness Time: Time Travel... It just got me thinking that he could be Chuck from the future, I mean given all the similarities and the unexplained willingness to let Chuck handle things on his own (possibly to help him grow into a better Spy) all points to Time Travel in my head. Although I doubt the writers would take the story in that direction because Chuck has always seemed to lean more to the Spy Comedy rather then the Sci-Fi comedy it just made me think about it. Anyone else notice anything along these lines or am I alone in my sci-fi thoughts... ? XD

Anna and Captain Awesome

Whatever happened to Anna, they don't explain in the first 3 episodes, instead...they act as if she never existed? Also, holy smokes...were we supposed to assume that Captain Awesome is dead? or just poisoned? I wonder if he is dead...are they trying to set up a relationship between Ellie Chuck's sister and Morgan...which would explain the missing Anna?

angel of death

Awesome,dead or alive?.

What did Sarah and Katrina Say?

Near the end of Chuck Vrs. Three Little Words, Sarah and Katrina say something in a language I don't know (not surprising). When this happened in the past, some of the more linguistically gifted members of SideReel helped out uni-lingual people like me out. So if anyone knows, what did Sarah and Katrina say to each other? Thanks