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I recently finished watching Chuck! and oh man! im so hooked!! i have watched alot of other shows like supernatural, 24 ,dexter, lost, heros etc but Chuck is something else man! Yvonne Strahovski(sarah walker) really has a way to make you fall in love with her lol to be honest,,,she isnt really my type, but the way she worries about chuck is just so well done. it really makes you believe that Sarah walker is really in love with Chuck That episode in season 2...where Sarah had a thing for another spy agent(forgot his name) it made my heart ache.. lol felt like she was cheating on me or something// anyways i just made this account so that i could share my love for this show i really hope that this great series will never be canceled

Economic Crisis Hits Entertainment Industry

Lately my attention has been drawn to the fact that the US' economic crunch is affecting the entertainment industry, and how it's been affected. We see the proof in the budget cuts made to keep shows like Chuck on the air. This isn't the only example though. Instead of creating new shows, networks have taken to purchasing shows created and viewed in other countries. NBC's The Listener has practically gone around the world already. Their other new series premiering in June, Merlin , was filmed and viewed previously in the UK. ABC Family's Sophie recently ended it's stint on CBC (Canada), and Secret Diary of a Call Girl was filmed in the UK and began airing on Showtime a year after it started on ITV2 (UK). Do you feel that buying shows from other countries and showing them in the US works? Or is this just another way that the country is losing money by not filming and creating shows here?

New Season!!!!

Any word on a definite renewal yet, the suspense is killing me!!!!


did you see the last episode.. jezus man!! how are they ever going to continu on this clifhanger!

save chuck!!!

i really really really hope that chuck is geting saved because it is the best show i have ever seen!!!!

Chuck - Renewed for another season!!!!!!!

"An NBC and WB insider is telling series.nu that Chuck is getting a third season of 13 episodes. The NBC insider says that Chuck will get a third season of 13 episodes. But an other insider at WB is telling its not 100% sure, but its looking very good for the show. The WB insider confirms that if the show is getting renewed (what seems likely to happen) that the third season gets 13 episodes. Schedule problem The WB insider tells series.nu that NBC had a problem to get Chuck on the schedule, but because NBC really loves the show, they did everything to make it happen. CW had no interest? Last week we had an exclusive article about Chuck, that the show could move to The CW. Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment of The CW likes Chuck and had interest in the show if NBC would cancel it, but NBC has never offered the series to The CW."

Is this chucks last season?

Last episode looked a bit likethe end of a TV show. I mean now that Chuck does not have the intersect in his head anymore or maybe he will get it back? Only way i could see show going on is he becoming a full time spy seeing that he seemed like he was going to miss the job when he was done.

Discuss: How Awesome was Tonight's Chuck? - Featured

Spoilers for Chuck vs. the Colonel Tonight's episode of Chuck - Chuck vs the Colonel - was easily one of my favorite episodes of any TV series that I have seen this season. It was so good in fact, that I find myself wondering how next week's season finale can possibly top it (which, mind you, creator Josh Schwartz has referred to as "game changing" on multiple occasions). But seriously...how awesome was tonight's episode of Chuck? Things that were awesome (in no particular order): 1. "I am offering you assistant manager. Will you be my ass man?" - Emmett to Morgan 2. Chuck pauses sex with Sarah to go get some...protection...only to to find a condom IOU from Morgan in his wallet. 3. Casey vs. the radiator 4. Awesome finds out Chuck's secret. Chuck asks him to be...Awesome...about it. 5. Jeff gets high on Casey's chloroform supply. 6. Casey ends up helping Chuck and Sarah rescue his father (Chuck: "Casey? Would you like to help us rescue my father?"); after all...he gave his word. 7. Morgan quits the Buy More to become a Benihana chef in Hawaii. He exits...shirtless. Slow. Clap. 8. Big Mike spoofs Godfather. 9. Airstrike! Explosions! (But don't count Roark out just yet...) 10. The Intersect is exported from Chuck's head!!! So...what was your favorite part of tonight's Chuck? What are your predictions for next week's season finale? How big of a depression will you sink into if Chuck is not renewed for a 3rd season?

bryce larkin is the intersect

i dont understand why they keep searching for the intersect if bryce said it was him. when they asked chuck who the intersect is why doesnt he say its bryce.

New Era in Product Placement - Subway

Chuck creators have taken casual product placement to new heights. The use of a Subway Chicken Terriaki Foot Long, cradled by Morgan with "Subway" logo positioned perfectly, served to "Big Mike" with the catch phase "5 buck foot long", and "Big Mike's" loving description of the Chicken Terriaki's virtues was so unexpected it had me LOL. If Subway is smart they'll be signing up "Big Mike" as their spokesman. The additional exposure can only be good news in the drive to get Chuck renewed.