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Cancellation Buzz: Should Chuck Move to the Sci-Fi Channel? - Featured

NBC has not given up on Chuck , but with Chuck's numbers hurting for the likes of this big network, is it time to consider if Chuck would be best on a cable network like it sounds will be the fate of another Cancellation Buzz favorite, Lipstick Jungle ? NBC looks like they are seriously considering keeping the failing Lipstick around, but not on NBC , but instead on one of the NBC-owned cable networks like Bravo or Lifetime. Another show actually canceled in the cancellation buzz zone, Pushing Daisies , now has fans campaigning for an AMC pick-up . Chuck wouldn't quite fit for the primarily female demographic of Bravo or Oxygen , though many women like myself do love Chuck, it's just not the right fit or impression to put Chuck on one of those networks. But would Chuck work instead on another cable channel like AMC or Sci-Fi ? What do you fans think? Should we start pushing our Save Chuck campaign in the direction of Lipstick Jungle and Pushing Daisies by campaigning for a cable pick-up?

What is with American TV?

Why on earth do the boradcasters feel the need to stop and start a series continualy? Chuck has been gone for 6 weeks? they show 1 episode then take another break, what the hell is the point?

The Funniest Character Ever!

Who for you is the funniest character ever? Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory Hank from Californication Chuck from Chuck The whole Friends (1994) cast Jayne from Firefly Gary from Gary Unmarried Cappie from Greek Barney from How I Met Your Mother Sawyer from Lost J.D. from Scrubs Ari Gold from Entourage Dean from Supernatural ``Doug Wilson from Weeds Michael Scott from The Office Dwight from The Office Tina Fey from 30 Rock Kramer from Seinfeld Gob from Arrested Development Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm Monk from Monk note: the characters I wrote, and their way of being funny is diffrent from each other, each one has a diffrent style, what's your pick? someone else perhaps I did not mention? My personal favourite is Barney /discuss

Should I try...

watching more Chuck or Lost? I have just started on these shows. Although they are old news to some people, it's definately new to me. Unfortuneately I can only fit one of these two amazing shows into my time. Which one should I pick?

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you can make your own just in case

I love this one...

I used to watch this when i was at my college... online... now I wasnt aware of its Schedule... Glad, I met a friend... he told me... i kinda love this show...

Who thiinks ellie looks like Katy Perry

Who thiinks ellie looks like Katy Perry

Just an idea

I was reading someting today and thought of this idea. Do you think Chuck might be a bit of a savant? I mean he has a very good memory.. not a 100% though, as stated when he's in college.. but all through out, after the info was downloaded to him, he's like remembering them all.. what do you think?

Chuck versus the kiss - with Casey

I thought the kiss with Casey was one of the funniest moments on Tv this year. Well done lads. Very, very funny!

Cancellation Danger Zone: What Deserves to Stay?

This week we're featuring a number of shows, mostly those in their first or second season though some further along, that are in danger of cancellation. Of these shows in the Cancellation Danger Zone, which do you think deserve to stick around? Are there still great plot developments left to be played out? Are there secrets yet to be unveiled? Are there characters you'd be heartbroken to be without? I would love to see some like Heroes , Lipstick Jungle , and Dirty Sexy Money play out, but I'd be the most heartbroken over Pushing Daisies and Chuck myself! Pushing Daisies Dirty Sexy Money Lipstick Jungle Crusoe Chuck Worst Week Gary Unmarried Heroes My Own Worst Enemy Privileged Smallville Photo courtesy of chucktv.net