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cold case episodes

i see by my tv guide that there is an episode of cold case on tonight and then another one on weds 18th of march is there any reason for this

Bones not back until March!!

Why is Bones and Cold Case not on in the US until March? It is sooooooooo annoying! I now officially hate FOX !!

music for cold case

i have just watched the latest episode of cold case and there was a song on it that the girl sang in the street she started singing it in english then russian whlist her father was there does any one know what the song is called please


looks like the entire season is missing... season 4. anyone know where the episodes are hiding? thanks!

Season 3 where are thou?

Where Season 3 have gone? Hopefully someone will post it soon.



Episode 14

Please somebody post this one :(

Season 5, Episodes 13 and 14

Can someone please post those two? :(