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Copper Series Finale Review “The Place I Called My Home”

Our time in Five Points has come to an end. Tonight’s season finale of  Copper  was also the series finale. I imagine that the decision not to renew the show for a third season was unexpected for the team behind this historical drama. Even if they did not anticipate this would be the end, the season finale did manage to bring a sense of comfort that things will turn out alright for Detective Corcoran and his friends. Read More.... //

Copper Season 2 Review “Beautiful Dreamer”

Damn. That’s all I can really say about this week’s  Copper . I can’t believe Corcoran actually did it. He killed Donovan. What a major bummer. Donal Logue was starting to really own the role and Donovan was a great foil to Corcoran. Now, he’s pushing daisies and in his place is Mr. William Eustace (Billy Baldwin). I wasn’t happy to see Donovan depart, but I am impressed that the  Copper  writers made such a bold choice to have Corcoran commit cold-blooded murder. What does this mean for our anti-hero? It’s really hard to say. I want to be on Corcoran’s side. He’s the main voice in the show – he’s the one that viewers have been with since day one. We’ve watched him suffer from the loss of his wife and child, the betrayal by his closest friend, and a drug addiction. With all these hardships, I want Corcoran to succeed and want him to overcome his pain. But, then he makes a decision to commit murder. It brings to the forefront the question of whether Corcoran is any different (or better) than Donovan. On a certain level, the answer is most certainly, “no.” I’m going to need some time to decide how I feel about Corcoran’s vigilante justice. Read More... //

Copper Season 2 Review “Good Heart and Willing Hand”

Now that we’re nearing the end of the season of  Copper , things have finally kicked into high gear. There were a ton of stand-out moments last night that brought me back on board with the show. The highlight, of course, was Corcoran and Donovan. Donal Logue initially felt tentative in the role of Donovan, but now rocks it. Finally, Corcoran has a nemesis to challenge him. For the rest of the characters, it feels like we are moving away from some of the things that haven’t been working. As we get more in depth with the characters, they feel less like one-dimensional figures advancing the historical storyline, and more like real individuals. Read More... //

Copper Season 2 Review “The Fine Ould Irish Gintleman”

There is no longer any ambiguity: Donovan is a bad man. This week on  Copper , Corcoran began to build his case against his powerful boss. Corcoran’s quest to uncover the facts behind the murder of Alderman Bartlett and his son is largely motivated by his unshakable sense of morality. This poses a problem, though, in that he hasn’t thought through the possible consequences for his actions. If Donovan is behind murders, what if anything will Corcoran be able to do about it? After all, Donovan has the power of Tammany Hall behind him. Read More... //

Copper Season 2 Review “Think Gently of Erring”

Looks like I was wrong that Corcoran moved on from his wife’s death quickly. This week’s  Copper began with a broken Corcoran drowning his sorrows. Robert and Matthew decide that enough is enough and that it’s time for him to stop wallowing. Luckily, things hit the fan on several fronts, which requires him to snap out of it. The biggest drama occurs thanks to Five Points favorite madam. Read More... //

Copper Season 2 Review “Ashes Denote That Fire Was”

Copper  decided it was time to take care of business and wrapped up several loose ends last night. This could have come a couple episodes earlier, but at least now the door is open to some new and more exciting storylines. The last episode ended in a huge shocker with Corcoran discovering his wife Ellen’s body hanging from the rafters. He lost not only his wife, but his unborn child. I have to say that I expected to see a more devastated Corcoran when the story picked back up this week. Not so much. Corcoran seemed to deal with the loss surprisingly well. He didn’t retreat to a dark alley to nurse his sorrows with a hefty dose of opium. Instead, he took charge, held a wake, and cremated Ellen’s body in order to surreptitiously lay her to rest near their daughter, Maggie. The most surprising turn of events was that he even quasi-reconciled with Maguire. Both loved Ellen and both suffered a loss, so in a way it made sense that it would bring them together. I’ve been a big proponent of having Maguire be Corcoran’s nemesis. Now, I’m starting to think it might be more interesting to have the two of them team up again. Read More... //

Copper Season 2 Review “The Hope Too Bright To Last”

Did anyone foresee the demise of Ellen Corcoran? Her character has been problematic this season because it wasn’t clear where she fit in. She also wasn’t the most engaging character since she seemed intent on being even gloomier than her husband. In one tidy manoeuver, it was adios Ellen. Paranoid that Eva was pregnant with Corcoran’s baby and persecuted by loneliness, she hung herself. This was a surprisingly brutal twist for Corcoran, but in the broader context of the show it made sense. Read More... //

Copper Season 2 Review “To One Shortly To Die”

Copper  continues its slow upward trend this week by mixing up the dark subject matter of a double murder with comedic moments between the reunited Corcoran and Maguire. The two have been paired together again, much to Corcoran’s chagrin. Maguire seems to relish the opportunity to get under Corcoran’s skin and readily returns to the partnership. Their first assignment involves a dead Alderman found in an unenviable position in one of the unsavory tenements in Five Points. Read More... //

Copper Season 2 Review “A Morning Song”

In this week’s Copper, they stopped hitting the snooze button and brought the action. In a dramatic move, the dastardly counterfeiter seized control of Five Points’ police station in an attempt to locate his confiscated plates. What rolled out was a good old fashioned hostage/shoot-out with a surprising twist at the end. The Druids storm the precinct looking for the counterfeiting plates and their ring-leader, Keating, takes a shocking approach to negotiation. In some pretty graphic scenes, Keating shoots a couple hostages (cops and bystanders) and slits a man’s throat. I mentioned last week that the actor portraying Keating (Lee Tergesen) is not one of my favorites. He tends to be a bit too heavy handed and over-the-top. He did a better job this week, though. The only thing that gave me pause about his character was whether it was realistic that the artistic creator of the plates would be the thug, as opposed to the gangsters running the counterfeiting operation. READ MORE...

Copper Season 2 Review I Defy Thee To Forget

I’ve felt in recent weeks that Copper has been weighed down by historical exposition. Politics were set aside this week and we got a much needed dose of character development. Annie revealed her vulnerable side (maybe), Eva seemed to think she’s "in a family way," Corcoran faced some tough truths about his marriage, and Elizabeth Morehouse decided to seek penance for her transgressions. READ MORE...