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This blog entry contains spoilers from episodes that have recently aired in the UK (from September 25, 2009-April 6, 2010.) Canadian viewers, consider yourselves warned! I'm a Canadian who loves Coronation Street. I watch episodes on the CBC website, but we're about nine months behind here. Awhile back, someone posted a link on the CBC Coronation Street forum to Geordie's blog. Geordie uploads episodes on his blog as they air in the UK. I know that I'm not the only Canadian who has looked up characters on wikipedia and discovered spoilers. It may start out as something innocent, like looking up a character to find out their history and discovering a story line that happens in the future. But it doesn't stop there; with the new little tidbit of information that we've discovered, we start to become curious about what's going to happen to other characters so we look them up, too. Next thing we know, we're kicking ourselves in the shins for going on wikipedia in the first place and finding so many spoilers. Read more...