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Covert Affairs Season 5 Review “False Skorpion”

The second episode gave us Annie and McQuaid chasing after Borz in Venezuela, Auggie hooking up with the Pink Ranger, and Joan looking like she wants to kill Mrs. Ari from  Entourage  even though they haven’t met yet. All in a days work on  Covert Affairs ! Let’s start with Annie and McQuaid (I’m going to stick with his last name instead of Ryan- it sounds cooler). We didn’t see much of him last week in this new role, and I was leery of what I saw. McQuaid seemed too slick, too arrogant. He’s still too slick and too arrogant, but also loads of fun. Nic Bishop was fine on  Body of Proof  yet never had the chance to really let loose because he wasn’t the “comedic” one on the show. If “False Skorpion” is an indication, I’m going to enjoy him quite a lot here. He also had a great rapport with Piper Perabo throughout the whole episode, the scene with them being handcuffed and him offering her a job the highpoint. Like I mentioned last week, Perabo has a likability that works well which I think helps her in connecting with her costars. Maybe that’s why the showrunners always feel the need to pair Annie up with someone romantically. Perabo has had excellent chemistry with Eion Bailey, Christopher Gorham, Oded Fehr, and now Nic Bishop. I’m not a fan of it plot-wise (let the woman be single for once), but I never feel like Perabo or Annie are stretching in making a connection with these men. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/07/02/covert-affairs-season-5-review-false-skorpion/

'Covert Affairs' Recap: Annie Proves One is Better Than Four

Annie is forced to reveal her secret to McQuaid when things get intense in Venezuela, but that almost the least of her problems in this episode of Covert Affairs .   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/covert-affairs/covert-affairs-recap-annie-pro-53958.aspx

Covert Affairs Review: Not an Island

Annie headed out to find Borz, but she wasn't the only one. Ryan McQuaid was in pursuit too. Covert Affairs  Season 5 Episode 2  felt more like a transitional episode than one that had any real answers. It provided the first look at how Annie and McQuaid would work together  or not  while they both pursued Borz. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2014/07/covert-affairs-review-false-skorpion/